Installing IBM Lotus Notes Traveler on an Android device

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Installing IBM Lotus Notes Traveler on an Android device

To download the Lotus Notes Traveler client, launch an internet browser on your Android device.

Navigate to the Lotus Notes

Traveler homepage (

Enter your Username (
last name

Enter your Password (
current lotus notes password

Sign In

Click “Configure Your Android”

If this isn’t an option

Select an IBM Lotus Mobile Installer
, then choose

. Transfer the file to your mobile device and open
the file.

When the download completes, confirm that you want to install the L
otus Mobile Installer.

If you are not automatically prompted go
to your downloads folder and click

If the installation is blocked you will have to check Unknown Sources in the applications settings page of your Android devic

Begin t
he Notes Traveler installation process by selecting


in the Lotus Mobile Installer application.



to accept the End User License Agreement (EULA). The Welcome screen displays. Select


to continue.

Now enter the server

user ID
last name

current Notes password

then select


Lotus Mobile Installer connects and begins scanning for any new updates or applications to install. When the Lotus Notes Trav
application has been found and is

ready for installation, select


to begin the download and install the Lotus Notes Traveler client.

Once the installation completes, select


to start the Lotus Notes Traveler configuration wizard.


be asked to activate a security policy be
fore continuing.

Select the applications you want to sync, and whether you would like to store the data using internal device storage or the S
D card.
Typically, if you plan on synching only a small set of data, you should choose internal phone storage. Se


when you have
made your choices.

The installation of Lotus Notes Traveler on your Android device is complete.

To synchronize your mail, from the home screen, access the menu, and tap the Notes Traveler application.

Once the synchronization
is complete, you can tap the mail icon to see the new messages.

From the home screen, access the menu, and then press Calendar to see your Lotus Notes calendar entries.

Press any calendar entry to open it, and then press menu to see what actions you can
take on this calendar entry.

You can also view your Lotus Notes mail messages by opening the Mail application. From the home screen, access the menu, and
then press the Mail application.

Tap any mail message to read it, and then tap the menu to see what

your options are for replying, forwarding, or taking other actions
on this mail message.

To change mail sync/application settings click the menu button while in Mail/Inbox. The Auto Sync menu will let you change th
sync frequency. (i.e. manual, every 15 minutes, every hour, etc…)

By default, Android phones wont sync “personal folders” or “sent” mail. You will see a message saying “This folder is not sub
to receive mail. To subscribe, simply open the personal folder (or your “sent” box) and click the Menu button on the front
of the
phone. This is a physical button and not a button on the touchscreen. Upon doing so you should see an option to “Subscribe”.

Click it,
and your folder will now be available.

Installing IBM Lotus Notes Traveler on an Android device

NOTE: Once setup is completed, make sure to disable/remove any
mail rul

forwarding your Lebsea email to an account on your

From your Lotus Notes(PC) inbox:


Mail Rules

Locate the mail rule with condition/action: When all documents / send full copy to

Either click

Right click the rule,
click delete.