Developing a mobile, platform independent SIP-client

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Devel opi ng a mobi l e, pl atform
i ndependent SI P-cl i ent
IP-telephony is the future of communications. Telecommunications are more and more moving away from traditional analog
and ISDN-connected landlines towards IP-based solutions. Mobile smart phones are becoming both smarter and cheaper
but in order to handle all of you communications both at home and on the go the normal user is still bound to have multiple
numbers on which he or she is reached.
The transition to IP-based telephony makes the task of taking your home phone with you more and more manageable. SIP-
based communication enables a number to be present in multiple places simultaneously. Much like a user being online on
Facebook with several different devices at the same time, a number is moved to a device with an app using a username and
Many SIP-applications exists for the major platforms but few or none enables a company to support a single app for multiple
platforms. The task of enabling developers to write a single app and submit it to multiple platforms has taken giant leaps in
only the past year although most of these applications are still created to only perform simpler tasks such as communication
with web-services over HTTP.
Develop a native SIP-application that will run on both iOS and Android operating systems using Appcelerator Titanium®,
utilizing the same frontend code and with as much of the same SIP-backend as possible. Titanium by Appcelerator®
enables apps to be develop for iOS, Android and Blackberry using HTML, CSS and Javascript for frontend parts while using
native components for platform dependent and low-lever operations.
The application shall enable a user to make and receive calls to his or her iOS/Android smartphone both in front and
background (background meaning the application still running but with limitations). The application shall be able to stay
connected to the SIP-server for long periods of time being inactive and also to detect when a user switches connection state
from WiFi to cellular network as well as going offline and online.
Two students will research the steps needed to meet the project requirements, choose a SIP-stack to develop upon and
implement a standard phone-app GUI.
Knowledge needed

Knowledge in HTML, CSS and Javascript

Basic knowledge developing applications for iOS (Objective-C) and/or Android (Java)

Knowledge in C/C++ and Java

Developing applications from COTS (Commercial Of-The-Shelf)

Basic knowledge about network communications
Number of students
Two, one developing iOS and one developing Android.
At our offices in Trollhättan or Gothenburg.
May be discussed upon project success.
Register your interest by sending us your CV along with a description about yourself to
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