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OSC Financial Conference

December 14, 2010

Some interesting new developments

Current and Emerging trends

Impacts of these trends

Service Expectations of a New Generation

Monumental Adventure

www. monumentaladventure.com

Cultural highlights of cities around the world

New Facebook



Messages to friends no

matter how they

access Facebook

Communication portals

Archive of everything


Verizon 4G LTE service


Provides 5
12 megabits per second (download)
and 2
5 megabits per second (upload)

Faster than wired cable access and similar to
business network access

Will be able to power WiFi via 4G

Microsoft Office 365


Effects of recession

Cloud computing

New technology companies helping
accelerate cloud transition

Renewed interest in mobile devices

Server virtualization

Storage virtualization

Network/fabric virtualization

Client systems

Application delivery can be virtualized

Greater interest in hosting services externally

service (

Service (

Service (

Large enterprises

Private clouds, Hybrid clouds

Small/Medium enterprises

Public clouds, real
time infrastructure

Data Center consolidations

Federal government merging large number of Data


INSA assessment (NC)

“Cloud first”

Part of new federal IT strategy

Economic value of both larger scale and
commodity services

Application architectures being refined and
evolved to include mobility as key element

With Droid, iPhone, iPad, and others coming
the demand for quick location/download of
useful applications is soaring

Larger tablet
style devices may be coming

Days of monolithic, LAN
connected, proprietary
enterprise software applications are numbered

Mobile security is becoming more important

Ability to “wipe clean” or lock mobile devices remotely

New ways to extend enterprise “LAN” for users that
would previously be “off the network”

Applications will need to assume access by a far
wider range of devices and user interfaces that are
likely connected remotely from somewhere on the
internet and probably via a wireless connection

Consumer expectation that more IT can be
provided and charged based on utilization,
not allocation

Mixed with cloud computing, this will begin
to undercut many software licensing models

Pay for what you use, not for what you


Some confusion about “cloud computing”
(public, private, hybrid)

Many roles will need to
shift and adapt


System administrators

Application developers (starting developments
using cloud environment will be important)

Support functions

May be a growing focus by users on cost and
transparency of IT services

Expectation of faster response and more
dynamic offerings (more later)

Ability to access information quickly including
use of “mash

A mash
up is a web page or application that combines
data, presentation, or functionality from two or more
sources to create new services

May be less confusion about “cloud”!

Ability to order services (compute, storage,
backups, even applications) quickly without
capital outlay is very appealing


Integration of data may not be as important

Low cost and quick provisioning may greatly
outweigh security concerns, data integration
requirements, single
sign on, etc.

Applications that will have a long “life” in this
new IT world will need to be

Can scale to take advantage of more resources,
some of which might be available across a hybrid
cloud environment

Applications will need to recognize and
support a wider array of mobile devices and
access interfaces

Manual operations will be stressed and forced
to automate

service, on
demand model will prevail

Dynamic sourcing pressures

IT must figure out how to add/subtract resources
(compute, storage, network, etc.) as needed

Application demands will soar

Where is my data stored in a cloud

Is my data co
mingled with other agencies
and companies?

Is the hosted or cloud environment secure
and well

App Store Effect

“I want to download these applications from the online
store and them have them linked together as a new
application. Can you help me?”

Based on business need (procurement, business
intelligence, product design, R&D support) there will
be a demand for faster and more inter

Acceptance of large (and expensive) ERP
software suites may not be sustainable

mail is primary business application

Outside of work,

is becoming the
primary application

At some point use of social networking tools at
work will become more accepted and

But what about mixing work, home, and
personal interests together?

Facebook accounts (as an example) would
contain mix of communications

Will social networking companies further
recognize/address this issue?

Many employees may want to share personal
and social network information in a work

Expect to collaborate with work colleagues
(and friends) globally

Not to be confined to a small network of
contacts within their specific area

Expect to co
create and work to solve real
business problems

Currently 18% of world’s population

Communication takes place on the internet
and mostly via online communities

Very impatient and desire instant results

Might be poor communicators

More openness to sharing personal

Wide cross
linking of information in coming
years will provide interesting aggregations of
personal and professional information

Identity management importance will
continue to grow and will leverage cross
linked information

Now possible

More cost

Fits new generation service expectations



Cloud wave will impact many areas, including:

Home (recent TV ads)

Enterprise environments

Small, emerging businesses

Dynamic sourcing


Infrastructure services

Greater mix of mobile demands, applications,
and devices