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Dog obedience training is the most important factor in the dog/human relationship. Quality K-9 offers dog training in Phoenix including dog obedience training and in home dog training.

Phoenix Dog Trainer

Dog Boarding & Training

This is our most successful training program due to
the fact that your dog stays with the dog trainer and
receives his attention 24/7. Your dog is integrated in
the trainer’s household. He is not staying in a sterile
boarding kennel where he is only taken out once or
twice a day for training sessions. During this time our
dog trainer can focus on specific dog training or dog
behavior modification issues that need to be
addressed. Prior to your canine’s stay with us, our
clients have the opportunity to meet with the trainer
for an evaluation and discuss their areas of concern
in detail. Our dog Boarding & Training Program is an
ideal solution when the family goes on vacation or
there is a business trip coming up and your pet has to
stay behind.

Dog Behavioral Evaluations

Not all dogs are created equal. There are not only
different breed types but also very different character
types within a certain breed type. In order to
determine what type of dog training is the correct
training approach for your canine companion or to
find out what causes a certain behavioral issue,
whether it is fear or aggression, the best way to go
about it is to have the dog evaluated by a dog

It could also be the case that you are wondering
whether or not your dog is suitable to be trained as a
service dog, or you would like to find out if your dog
is a possible Schutzhund prospect or could have a
future in AKC Field Trials, Rally or Herding.

With his expert knowledge of how a dog’s mind works, Tino

is the dog
training professional in the Greater Phoenix Area to turn to for a dog behavioral

Schutzhund Dog Training

Schutzhund is the German term for protection dog.
Dogs trained in Schutzhund are basically
performing the same tasks as a highly trained
police K9. This sport was developed in the late

19th century by a German Cavalry Captain, Max von Stephanitz, to determine the
breeding quality of the German Shepherd Dog. The dogs have to undergo a thorough
examination of their skills in three different phases. These phases are tracking,
obedience, and protection.

There are also three different levels of Schutzhund titles, SchH1, SchH2, and the
master level of SchH3. Before a dog is allowed to participate in a SchH1 examination,
the dog must pass an extensive temperament evaluation by a licensed judge. This
temperament test is called the “Begleithundeprüfung” (BH), which is German for
“Traffic Sure Companion Dog Test”.

VIP: Dog Training A La Carte

Our VIP Dog Training A La Carte is an adjustable
training program to fit your personal needs. No matter
what the issue is, we can address it and work out a
custom training program that works for you and your
dog. This may range from particular obedience or
aggression issues, lack of certain house manners,
excessive barking or being destructive to training the
dog in personal protection work or even teaching dogs
to get along with other household pets of another
species, such as the family cat.

This program is completely flexible and designed to accommodate our customer’s
personal needs and lifestyle.

As a special service for our VIP Customers, who reside out of state, we offer the
scheduling of air transportation for your dog by approved airlines.

Day Training

Our Day Training Program is a highly specialized
program. This program is the ideal solution for people
who do not want to part with their dog for an
extended period of time, want to be actively involved
in the training of their dog, and want to work with the
trainer in a private setting and in the comfort of their
own home.

The day training program usually consists of 3 sessions per week for a total of 12 dog
training sessions. The dog training is conducted in the client’s home and the dog’s
environment, such as the backyard, streets where the dog is taken for walks, parks, dog
friendly restaurants and other establishments, etc. The length of the individual dog
training sessions is flexible, not to exceed 3 hours per dog training session. The day
training program is customized to the dog’s and the dog owner’s specific needs. The dog
training is conducted in a humane manner, applying behavioral modification techniques,
positive reinforcement / motivational training methods, as well as negative

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