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Arts Victoria: Overview Programs

Debra Jefferies, General Manager, Market & Community
Development, Arts Victoria

Role of Government in the Arts

Arts Victoria’s Role

Arts Policy Framework

Impact of the arts

Funding Program Overview

Arts Victoria’s Role

Arts Victoria is the State Government’s principal arts funding body.

Division of the Department of Premier and Cabinet reports to the Minister for
the Arts, Lynne Kosky.

Legislative objectives are set out in the
Arts Victoria Act 1972.
Describe in
broad terms the reason and focus for Arts Victoria and is informed by
government policy as announced from time to time

Role is to advise on and implement arts policy, develop the arts and cultural
sectors across the State and promote access and participation.

Arts Victoria’s organisational and program structure is aligned to the
Government’s arts policy
Creative Capacity+ Arts for All Victorians

deliver against key strategies and priority actions.

Arts Portfolio includes State owned cultural agencies

Australia Centre for
Moving Image, Geelong Performing Arts Centre, Museum Victoria, National
Gallery of Victoria, State Library of Victoria, the Public Record Office Victoria
and the Victorian Arts Centre.

The overlay of an Arts Policy Framework

Government strong focus on linked policies. Overall vision set in
Growing Victoria Together with 5 key themes:

Thriving Economy

Quality Health and Education

Healthy Environment

Caring Communities

Vibrant Democracy

Creative Capacity + Arts for All Victorians

Ten year arts policy

A plan for future Government action

Indicates Government priorities for supporting the arts

Acknowledges the role of the arts:

in industry development and as an economic driver;

And in terms of other policy outcomes

social, educational, cultural.

Launched by the Premier, Steve Bracks, and Minister for the Arts, Mary
Delahunty, in May 2003.

Arts Victoria’s organisational and program structure is aligned to
Creative Capacity+


policy framework

Australian Centre for the Moving Image

Public Record Office of Victoria

Geelong Performing Arts Centre

Museum Victoria

National Gallery of Victoria

State Library of Victoria

Victorian Arts Centre Trust

Portfolio Agencies

Australian Ballet

Circus Oz

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

Melbourne Theatre Company

Opera Australia / Ozopera

Targeted funding to:

Major companies

32 producer/presenter organisations

8 cultural development organisations

7 industry services organisations

10 major festivals

14 regional performing arts centres

18 regional/outer
metropolitan galleries/arts organisations


Scope of Government Support

Funding to:

Projects and artists

around 400 grants annually

Malthouse Theatre

Orchestra Victoria



Chunky Move

Role of the arts in achieving broader
public outcomes/impacts

building strong communities

economic growth and sustainability

arts and education

marketing Victoria as a great place to live, work and do business

social justice outcomes

cultural diversity

advancing reconciliation

Impact of arts and cultural industries in

The arts and cultural industries:

$7.8 billion in 2001
02 of goods and services to the Victorian economy

employed over 112,700 Victorians in main job in 2001

(most recent figure available from Census)

engaged more than 759,000 Victorians in paid or unpaid work in 2004.

Government Arts Portfolio Agencies in 2003

attracted 8.3 million attendances

were visited over 7.0 million times online by a world
wide audience

provided 400,000 arts in education experiences for Victorian school

had assets

buildings and collections worth over $3.5 billion

raised over $23 million is sponsorships, donations and bequests (2002
03 figure).

received community support in the form of Members, Friends or
volunteer groups from 26,000 people

How Arts Victoria’s Programs Integrate with CC+

Alignment with CC+


Programming and

Market and Community

New work by
independent artists
and small companies

Investment in the next

A stable infrastructure
enabling long
development of arts

opportunities for artists
through residencies
and cultural exchange

New work for

New work for schools

Arts facilities and
programs integrated
into long
community building

Regional and

international linkages,
partnerships and

Content developed for
distribution and export

Vibrant and sustainable
“ecosystem” of major
companies and small to

More viable and
dynamic sectors
through industry and
market developme

New work reflecting
local communities’
sense of place and

Maintenance and
expansion of industry
asset base

Enhanced community
confidence and civic

Program Framework 2006


To support the development and presentation of new work, inclusive of all
art forms and cultural practices, in many contexts including schools
and communities.

Funding Categories

Arts Development

Arts Development for Communities

Artists in Schools


Dave Jones & Natimuk Primary School

In My Day

Old Van Company

A Midsummer’s Dream Mildura 1956

Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships

Department of Education & Training

Department for Victorian Communities

Program Framework 2006

Programming & Innovation

To ensure that a diverse mix of innovative and professional
arts content programs are presented in different contexts
and environments throughout the State.

Funding Categories

Arts Programming

Arts Innovation


Quarterly publication Meanjin

Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships

Multi year funding for small and medium non
government enterprises
and major companies

Chunky Move Dance, Melbourne Theatre
Company, Hothouse Theatre Company (Wodonga), Victorian Writers
Centre, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Gertrude St Artists Space, Koori
Heritage Trust, Melbourne Writers Festival Arts Access, 17 regional art
galleries, 15 regional performing arts centres

Program Framework 2006

Market Development

To create a sustainable and viable operating environment for the arts through
support in local and international touring, widening audience access and
improving the business development abilities of practitioners.

Funding Categories

Touring Victoria


Indigenous Professional Development


Aichi World Expo Japan

Melbourne Art Fair

Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships

Export Guide: Performing Arts In Victoria in partnership with the Arts Centre

Department of Innovation, Industry & Regional Development; Australia Council

Deadly Arts Business in partnership with the Koori Business Network

Program Framework 2006

Community Partnerships

To strengthen the value of the arts within different community contexts by
allowing people from all walks of life to experience and connect with
the arts.

Funding Categories

Arts Residencies

Community Liaison Officers

Professionals in Residence


Back to Back Theatre residency in Horsham during Awakenings

Get into Art

Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships

Regional Arts Victoria

Arts Victoria’s Programs

Standard characteristics of funding programs include:

Majority of programs have a State wide field of interest.

All Programs accept applications for different art forms and cultural

The annual budget for each program is set for the year.

Applications are evaluated by peers meeting together, using clear

published in booklet.

Recommendations go to the Minister for the Arts for consideration and
final approval.

Applicants are advised of the results in writing within 15 weeks

Experienced program staff can provide guidance and advice.

The funding environment is competitive

proposals need to be well

The Arts in Victoria


Film Victoria: Regional
Victoria Film Location
Assistance Fund

Strange Bedfellows

Scenes from the 2004 feature
Strange Bedfellows

filmed in Yackandandah and

The services of 282 local
businesses were employed and
temporary jobs were created for
125 locals. The total amount
spent in the region was over

Natimuk Primary
School: In My Day


on Tour

An artists in Schools

grant of $4,000
enabled artist,
Dave Jones, to work
Natimuk Primary School

on a
digital media project, u
sing audio
recordings of stories told by students
from the 1930s alongside animated
drawings by current students.

The result,
In My Day,

was awarded
top prize in the 2005 Melbourne
International Film Festival for the Best
Animated Short Film.

Arts Centre’s

class music technology and
multimedia programs tour to
regional centres in
partnership with local
community performing arts

Workshops introduce new
skills and improve the
quality of cultural and
recreational opportunities for

Wellington Entertainment

With support from Arts Victoria
and CSF,
Wellington Shire

constructed a world
class arts centre that includes
a 400
seat theatre, rehearsal
rooms and meeting spaces,
café and car parking.

As part of the council’s
commitment to enhance the
lifestyle and cultural
opportunities for Wellington
Shire residents the centre is
adding significantly to the
community life of the region.

Arts Victoria Grant: $1.4 million

Total: $5.9 million

Skipping on Stars

Ruby Moon Tour

Skipping on Stars

is a narrative circus
work that follows the life of Aboriginal
artist, Con Colleano, from his days as
a young acrobat to the heights of his
fame. The show opened at the
Victorian Arts Centre in celebration of
the 25th anniversary of the
Fruit Fly Circus.

The project enabled a regional
company to develop an innovative,
scale new work that was toured
to audiences in four Australian capital

Arts Victoria Grant: $110,000

Total: $200,000

production only)

Eight performing arts venues in
outer Melbourne and regional
Victoria developed a tour that
Playbox Theatre’s

production of
Ruby Moon

regional centres including Geelong,
Ballarat, Shepparton and Warragul.

The regional tours generate
economic impact and enhance the
liveability of the region

Arts Victoria Grant: $50,000

Total: $178,000

The Arts in Victoria


Arts Victoria



Phone: 03 9954 5000

TTY: 03 9682 4864

Toll Free: 1800 134 894

Fax: 03 9686 6186