IDE menorca Integración de Visor Web y Catálogo de Metadatos

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Ricard Cots
Marc Rosés
IDE menorca
Integración de Visor Web y Catálogo de Metadatos
Juan Luís Cardoso
Pablo Echamendi
JIIDE 2011
Barcelona, 9,10 y 11 de Noviembre
II Jornadas Ibéricas de Infraestructuras de Datos Espaciales
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SDI Definition

Starting Point


Project phases

System Architecture



Future Work & Conclusion
Introduction. SDI Definition

SDI: Spatial Data Infraestructure

Framework of spatial data, metadata, users and tools that are
interactively connected in order to use spatial data in an efficient and
flexible way

The technology, policies, stantdards, human resources, and related
activities necessary to acquire, process, distribute, use, maintain,
and preserve spatial data

INSPIRE European Directive

Facilitate the use and access to land information to society

Create services that comply with the accessibility and interoperability
standards defined by the OGC and INSPIRE

Create a geoportal able to load the own and foreing services in the same
way, because they meet the OGC standards
Project Objectives
Project phases

Create a Data Model and a
normalized GeoDataBase

Create Metadata Profile and the
Metadata Catalogue

Create the system architecture and
OGC services

Create a SDI viewer
System Architecture
OGC Proxy. WMS GetCapabilities Changes
DataBase Stored Information

• ESRI Layer ID, LayerName

LayerTitle_ESP, LayerTitle_CAT, LayerTitle_ENG
• LayerAbstract_ESP, LayerAbstract_CAT, LayerAbstract_ENG

• DataURL

• ….
WMS GetCapabilities TAGS

• <Layer><Name>

• <Layer><Abstract>

• <Layer><DataURL>
• <
• …
Proxy OutputArcGIS Output
OGC Proxy. WMS GetCapabilities Changes
Menorca SDI Viewer
Future work

WFS services

Improve cache management. = IDEIB schema

Improve search in the catallogue

Zoom out limitation / Improving <iframe>

SITMUN2. Thematic viewer with advanded functionality
(Turism, Land Managment, Environment…)

The use of modular, interoperable and based in standards
services and functionalities, enables easy expansion of the
project and the use of components by external projects.
Muchas Gracias
Thank You!
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