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many types of robots. They can be autonomous or semi
autonomous and
come in those basic types. T
here are t
hose which are used for research


such as ASIMO and TOPIO. There are


that are

into more defined and
specific roles, such as Nano robots

m robots and helper robots are another type

are used to make or move things o
r perform menial tasks
such as industrial robots
or mobile servicing robots

In practice it is usually an
mechanical machine which is guided by computers or
electronic programming or ropes.

Robotics are needed for surgery because humans could not do small places in
the bodies, although with robots they could because they have very tiny h
ands, they are
also needed

for dangerous things humans cannot do, for example, nuclear testing or car
crash testing and even for going out to space.

they are connected to a lot of things, I will name some, so they are connected from
wires, computer
programming, ropes or electronic things.

Robots are doing these jobs because they are more accurate and very prosiest in their
jobs as well very careful and it is easier for other humans, robots are making peoples
life’s much easier because it reduces
the pressure, Robots do not get tired at all, they do
not get something wrong so that helps, especially with nuclear testing, although if a
robot gets damaged it is better than losing and humans life.