Exploratory study for social media platform based Human-Robot Interaction

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Exploratory study for social media platform based Human



This document describes the overall interview design of exploratory interview for our system.
The issues such as 1) data/information we want to get, 2) target user
group selection, 3) interview
preparation,4) interview questions draft 5) interview procedure, 6) data analysis, 7) conclusion
and findings. The necessary justification is provided here as well.


Overview for participants to know just enough
about our research and the

As current domestic robot such as iRoomba (cleaning robot) is quite popular, we want to learn
about how well these robots are used and whether the interfaces are good enough. During the
interview, the questions will be
around Human
robot Interaction. You will be asked to perform
the interaction on the iRoomba to show how you typically interact with it. In addition to that, we
will provide two prototypes which you will use to perform the interaction with an iRoomba robot.

After that, some questions will be around how you feel about using those interfaces. The
interview will take approximately one hour. If you have anything that needs clarification, please
ask me. The interview is completely confidential.

Data/information t
o collect during the interview

This is our exploratory interview which targets at collecting data ranging from users’ typical
general feeling about current support of interaction between human and domestic robot to
systems requirements gathering.


Overall f
eeling about interaction with domestic robot? How much are they aware of such


General opinion about the custom
build interface

scale 1


How do they interact with robot? This could be done through observation in context.


When and where do they

use them? Their typical habit, observer carefully


What are the parts they found current HRI difficult to use, what are their wishes and

Second part

regarding social media platforms


How much do they know about social media

platforms such as SMS, MSN, Facebook,
and digital calendar, and how frequently do they use them?


Why do they like using them?

This as Shen mentioned could be used to support why
they are popular and at the same time how our novel HRI method leverage suc
h tools to
make HRI more appealing


When and why do they use such media platform?

#######Second part

Prototype evaluation


Rate of our proposed methods


Observer them while using the system


Which parts are good and which parts are not


Constructive feedback on which part users might have trouble


Requirements gathering

what they want to the system to be like and how do users want
to perform the HRI

Target user group selection


Young couple (2
couple) who has no experience with using dom
estic robots

people are very busy and they move a lot which will be the quite important stakeholders
for our system. (For each couple, using the focus group as a way to conduct the interview)


People who has some experience using domestic robot such

as iRoomba

2 people


Should we consider the usage frequency of our listed social media platform?

Interview preparation

The interview will be held in my Lab, COM1
44. I will set up the two working prototypes
(Calendar interface and MSN interface) whic
h would allow participants to better understand our
work by letting them try theses interfaces.
This would be a more effective way to convey the idea
to them than just talking about theory which they might not fully understand or pay attentions.
aids aimed at eliciting feedback or reactions relevant to the subject at hand are known
as “probes”)
For the other two interfaces I will simulate the working scenario as well.

The whole interview might need video recording, so these video set up should be

Things to be careful of:

Discount favorable responses from users when they are aware that they are evaluating a design
you have designed

Interview questions draft

Initial exploration


Have you ever heard of domestic robots?


Have you thought about

having one domestic robot?


What do you usually ask your domestic robots to do and when do you do that?


How frequently do you use the domestic robot?


Could you describe how you interact with the robot?


If you could have one, how do you want to communicate
with it?


Have you found it easy, flexible and interesting to interact with your robot?


What would you say are the biggest problems you have with current interface of your


Currently, when talking about social media platform, we refer to tools such a
s Instant
Messenger, digital calendar, Short Message Service (SMS), Facebook, Twitter etc. Have
you heard any of these?


How frequent do you use those tools?


Who do you communicate with using these tools?


Do you find using these tools convenient and appeal


Could you share your opinions about these social media platforms?

Requirement gathering:


What features you want the current domestic robots to have?


How do you want the robot to perform the tasks?


Could you describe the ideal scenario how you intera
ct with your robot?


Do you want to monitor and control your robot remotely?


What do you think is the best way to interact with you robot?


Do you want to use the above mentioned social media platforms to control your robots if
possible? What are the
features you want from such system?


Does it happen that when you suddenly want your domestic robot to do something for
you while you cannot do that due to not being around the robot? Do you feel remote
control is necessary?


Does it ever happen to you when

you want to reschedule or cancel a pre
assigned task
from your robot? Or do you think that current interface is necessary to support that?

Subjective evaluation:


Do you find the interface easy to use?


Do you understand the way to interact with your robot?


Where do you have trouble, if any, with the interface?


Any parts or features of the interface you found particular useful or helpful?


How does the interface compare to your current tool?


What (if anything) would you like to change about this tool?

g up:


Do you have other things regarding those interfaces and domestic robot to talk?


If the interview is going to be fully
structured, then we should strictly follow those questions,
and if it is semi
structured or un
structured, then we should
raise different questions based on
users’ answers dynamically.

What exact question we want to ask users?

Data analysis and findings

This part is for showing the finding after doing the data analysis from the interview
. These
findings will be summarized int
o our paper.

Discussion and conclusion

The discussion about the unexpected data should be listed here, which might be helpful for
refining our system design. Conclusion should be used to convince others the usefulness and
novelty about our system


I will first try to finish the MSN interface and let users have a better understanding of how our
system works instead of just verbally explaining to them and let them think more about when
they would use such interface and whether such interfac
e is useful or not. During such period of
time, I will record their comments and feedback.

Some notes from the book:

Think about the general conversation the users could initiate with a robot

<perform the fully structured interview>

Initial exploration

You’ve got a stro
ng feeling that the current tool
s are insufficient but you
would like to develop a better understanding of what people are doing and what they would like
to do. Sit down with various potential users to understand their goals and needs
Remember the
primary goal is to understand user needs and goals, hence asking high
level questions about
types of functionality that are and aren’t available

Interview strategies

significant more efforts are needed for semi
structured interview,
for me

think the fully
structured interview is more appropriate since I do not have much experience in

During the interview

establish the Rapport in a few minutes and make the interviewees feel
comfortable and make you your impression for them is

professional, friendly and liable.


brief introduction to your research

Getting down to business