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Topic # 0008D
Tony Hoffman

True and False
(Circle the correct answer) For those that are FALSE, tell me why they are false
(or what would make them TRUE).

T or F 1. Restriction Enzymes put DNA back together?
Ligases put DNA back together. -or- Restriction Enzymes split DNA apart._____

T or F 2. Scientists can put any strand of DNA into another strand of DNA?

T or F 3. Chromosomes can carry only 100 genes?
Chromosomes can carry thousands of genes.

T or F 4. Guanine and Cytosine form a base pair?

T or F 5. Genetics is a science?

Multiple Choice
(Circle the letter that completes the statement)

6. Adenine forms a base pair with…
a. Thymine
b. Cytosine
c. Guanine
d. Doesn’t form a base pair

7. Chromosomes are segmented into…
a. genes
b. ligase
c. bases
d. DNA

8. What is used to put DNA back together?
a. restriction enzymes
b. ligase
c. base
d. chromosome