Uses of the campus Grid in Cybernetics

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Uses of the campus Grid in Cybernetics

Ian Daly,



Prof. Kevin Warwick


June 2009

BCIs allow control of a computer by thought

Allows individuals with severe motor
impairments greater levels of communication
and environmental control.


Typing programs; Email, Text to speech, Twitter etc.

Environment; Lighting, TV, Wheelchair control etc.

Games; Table tennis, bio
feedback etc.


Invasive vs. Non

Control vs. Goal orientated

P300 based

ERS / ERD based

Motor imagery

Stimuli presentation

Data recording

& pre

Feature extraction

Training and classification

Machine learning and signal processing

ICA, EMD, HMMs, Phase synchronisation

Artefact removal

Extraction of ERPs from single trials

Automated feature selection

Models for simulated ERP generation.

New types of BCI paradigm

speech imagery

Alternative hardware development

Speech imagery

Template method investigated for classification of
speech related EEG.

Large parameter space.

Multiple parameter subsets simultaneously
evaluated on Condor.

Quickly able to demonstrate that template method
over simplifies signal variability.

Feature selection

EEG can be described by an infinite number of
different features.

Feature selection algorithms

large search space.


Swarm intelligence

Novel algorithms...

Condor allows quick traversal of the search space of
possible features.

Need for newer / faster / more intuitive BCIs

Faster, more efficient control and communication

Greater ease of use

More robust and reliable

New BCI paradigms and more efficient
algorithms in development.

Brain signal can be described in an infinite
number of different ways.

Grid computing presents an effective way of
investigating some of these possibilities.