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Perserverance from At

“Antibodies persevere. If you've had chicken pox as a child, your
blood already contains millions of chicken
pox antibodies that
replicated during the original infection. The fact that these extra
antibodies stick around provides your body with a 'silver bullet'
against any future chicken pox infections
which translates for most
people into lifelong immunity from chicken pox. Antibodies also
provide their host with a somatic memory: even if a patient cannot
recall having chicken pox, doctors can tell by testing for the
appropriate antibodies in her blood.”

Perserverance from At

Likewise, art that perseveres can create an analogous resource, a
sort of cultural memory that persists in a society's collective
unconscious. Art can persevere in various ways. Homeric hymns
persevered by constant
; music and drama by interpretable
; paintings by storage in a
. To let this heritage
disappear would be to deprive the social body of the immune
resources it has built up over its lifespan. Yet this is exactly the fate
that will befall digital culture without a new preservation paradigm
to accommodate it.


2 ways that we explore perserverance:

art that perserves +/or extends life



physical, informational, creative commons

works on the edge of the bio

perserverance of the art

how is it maintained? is there a
chance it can sink into oblivion because of obsolete platforms?

variable media

Phil Ross: BioTechnique, etc.

controlled environmental spaces

refines a variety of sculptural artifacts

natural systems within a frame of social and historic contexts

the lens of human artifice

to achieve a specific focus


Future Farmers

F.R.U.I.T. ::

wrappers, demonstrators, tracking fruit

Victory Gardens

planting demo gardens, education, distribution


Fallen Fruit

Public Fruit Jam

Public Fruit Maps

Public Fruit Tree Adoptions


Brief History of Cybernetics

cybernetics: “the entire field of control and communication theory ,
whether in the machine or in the animal”

Norbert Wiener

Brief History of Cybernetics

1st wave cybernetics: networks, information

observance of

Wiener, Shannon

2nd wave cybernetics: autopoesis, emergence, AI

becomes complicit

Varela, Maturana

3rd wave cybernetics: virtuality, AI

reality is infused with
information patterns

Brief History of Cybernetics

: auto (self) poesis (creation)

idea that a thing creates the structure of it’s own existence

in terms of networks, the relations are continuously regenerated
+ realized, and the thing itself is actualized.


how complexity emerges from simple systems

ants, software, cities

from Muse to Mutation

Code as Muse (week 4) to:

Code as dynamic preservation

rewrite the code, redo the work



stays alive through

Tom Ray, Tierra

“wildlife sanctuary for computer viruses”

program code that copy themselves and release on hard drive.

OS occasionally mutates code

mechanism to erase mutated algorithms that fail to function
properly or cause errors.

replication, mutation, competition


Problem of Perseverance

static or dynamic?

“death by wall label”

sculture or performance?

“oral media of performed culture have been replaced by storage
media of recorded culture.”

“in the hands of creators profiled in this chapter, genetic processes
promote the perseverance of many species of virtual or biological
creatures. but only those genetic systems that are themselves
designed to persevere dynamically hold out the hope of keeping
their creatures alive rather than preserving them as inert output.”

maximize adaptability rather than stabilize (tierra)

Symbiotica: Meart, Pigs Wings, etc.

Symbiotica website



“a Semi
Living artist”

cultured nerve cells that grow and live in a neuro
lab, in Georgia institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA

body” is a robotic drawing arm that is capable of producing
dimensional drawing focusing on creating the artist rather
than the artwork. MEART proposes to embody the fusion of
biology and the machine

creativity emerging from a semi
living entity.


neurons from embryonic rat cortex grown over a
Multi Electrode Array.


the robotic drawing arm


that interfaces between the wetware and the

The Internet is used to mediate between its components and
overcome its geographical detachment.

What is the storage paradigm for this kind of work?

Stelarc & TCA, Extra Ear 1/4 Scale

Stelarc grows an ear on his arm

plans to add a microphone and broadcast sounds to the

what is life? is this partial life? how is the wholeness of the
body defined?

Natalie Jeremijienko, One Trees

Made 1000 clones of the same tree, planted throughout Bay Area.

Trees are radically different throughout area

Clones are not the same!

Trees end up giving lots of information about location they are
growing in.


Variable Media

The Variable Media Network proposes an unconventional
preservation strategy based on identifying ways that creative works
might outlast their original medium.

This strategy emerged from the
Guggenheim Museum
’s efforts to
preserve its world
renowned collection of conceptual, minimalist and
video art. The growth of the Variable Media has been supported by
Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science, and Technology
and subsequently promoted by the
Forging the Future

alliance. The
aim of this diverse network of organizations is to develop the tools,
methods and standards needed to rescue creative culture from
obsolescence and oblivion.

independence from medium


Critical Art Ensemble

5 artists specializing in computer graphics and web design,
film/video, photography, text art, book art, and performance.

art, critical theory, technology, and political activism

biotech, tactical media

manifest as installation, video, theory, posters and pamphlets

free range grain


Critical Art Ensemble

Strange Culture:

double meaning of “culture”

CAE work in the realm of information commons open up scientific

to DIY culture especially as it relates to public health
and environment.

what are the stakes in doing this kind of work?

Next Time/ Last Class!

The Posthuman, the Future of the Future

Landscape and Manufacture (“Manufactured Landscapes”),
Commodity Fetishism, Labor and Gender.

The Cyborg Manifesto, When Computers Were Women,
Manufactured Landscapes

Prepare for FINAL:: Wednesday, June 8th 8:00am.