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Jose Moreno

1029 Meridian ave
, San Jose CA,95127




Perform general maintenance and repair of Airplanes, modifications that improve safety and boost job
productivity. Troubleshoot
systems accurately and repair breakdowns quickly to maintain operating

Experience on Airbus 320 737Boeing 200
300 series.

Sears kitchen appliance Technician.

Proven abilities in a wide range of technical skills, including:

Blueprint reading


Sheet metal layout, fabrication

Air compressors

Tr oubl eshoot el ect r i cal s yst ems

Gas Wel di ng

phase el ect r i c mot or s

480V AC
24V DC

AC & DC dr i ves

A&P Ai r f r ame & Power pl ant l i cense

Ai r bus320 and 737 Boei ng ai r cr af t ai r l i ner s


McCal l en Avi at i on,

San Jose,CA


Mai nt enance Mechani c

Responsi bl e f or al l aspect s of t r oubl eshoot i ng and r epai r of ai r pl anes, such as Ai r f r ame Repai r s,100 hour
i nspect i ons , t une
up, wel di ng and Cyl i nder Compr essi on Check.

Per f or med mai nt enance and r epai r on Gener al Avi at i on.

Vender Vend Sheet Met al, Inc.,
San Jose, CA


Machi ne operat or ( second Shi f t )

Per f or med mai nt enance and Repai r of equi pment, PLC
cont r ol l ed assembl y l i nes, f abr i cat e and vend ,and
f or m di f f er ent t ypes of sheet Met al and Al umi num t o di f f er ent degr ees Bend and Debur and per f or med
Wel di ng, cut t i ng, and gr i ndi ng on mat er i al s such as
car bon st eel, st ai nl ess st eel, al umi num and copper
ni ckel. Handl e t he f abr i cat i on of equi pment modi f i cat i ons t o upgr ade syst ems, handl ed al l dut i es si mi l ar t o
t hose l i st ed above under Machi ne Oper at or.

San Jose, CA


Ki t chen Mai nt enance Appl i ance Techni ci an

Responsi bl e f or t he set up and per f or mance of pr event at i ve mai nt enance and Tr oubl eshoot on Ki t chen
Appl i ance, such as ovens, Ranges, Cer ami c Cook Tops, Mi cr owaves ,Dr yer s and Washer s .

Handl ed t he f abr i cat i on of El
ect r i cal equi pment modi f i cat i ons t o upgr ade syst ems.

Sout h Wes t Ai rl i nes,
San Jose ,CA


Ramp Agent

Responsi bl e f or t he set of t he Ar r i val Gat e f or

Ai r cr af t , l oad and unl oad ai r pl ane car go on a Boei ng
737’ s, Cal cul at i ng Wei ght and bal ance of t he l oad car go. Di r ect Ai r cr af t t o t he Gat e Saf e, Pr ovi de excel l ent
cust omer ser vi ce f or passenger s and cr ew member s , Pr epar ed wei ght and bal ance r epor
t of t he car go
l ocat i on i n t he Ai r cr af t f or t he cr ew Pi l ot s.


Wat sonvi l l e Hi gh School

Gavi l an Communi t y Col l ege

Evergreen Col l ege

Aeronaut i cs Di pl oma

Ai rcraf t Techni ci an

Airframe & Power Plant Licence

Successfully completed classes in
schematic interpretation and basic electricity.