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Incledon supplies steel piping for Richards Bay fire mains replacement

26 September
, 2013:

Leading fluid conveyance
products and

solutions expert Incledon has
supplied more than R10
million worth of grooved galvanised steel piping products and
couplings to the ongoing fire mains replacement project at the Port of Richards Bay in Kwa
Zulu Natal.

A fire main is a purpose built water
delivery system that is entirely independent of any other water
systems, and is specifically designed for fire fighting purposes only. Incledon has to date supplied the
project with more than 35 km
of locally manufactured galvanised steel pipes, complete w
Klambon victaulic couplings for easy installation.

Incledon was commissioned by the appointed fire safety contractor to supply an estimated total of
million worth of
locally manufactured

and approved

piping products to the project, which began
in February 2012 and is due for completion by end

Robor, a South African steel pipe manufacturer, was

selected as the manufacturer of choice, as the
company has been recognised as a
leading supplier of


and pipe
s, and associated
and services

in Southern Africa for over 75 years.

National Product Manager
Kelly Wilson

reveals that the company is the largest
steel conveyance products in Southern Africa
. "The

strong working relationship between
the two companies, which has spanned over seven decades, has added value to a vast number of
projects located across Southern Africa," he says.

Incledon has over the past few years established itself as a leadin
g playe
r in the f
ire protection

market, specifically with its

strength of
quality standards. Wilson states that Incledon has

various product certifications and

accreditations on pipe

and fittings

such as SABS

and FM
approvals, as well as being

d by ASIB as a registered suppl
ier to this market since 2011

All the grooved pipes are currently delivered directly onsite in 6
lengths and vary in diameters
ranging between
25 mm to 250 mm
, with an operating pressure of 7
bar at ambient temperature.
e grooved pipe is formed by cutting a radial groove into the pipe or by roll grooving the pipe ends.

rooved piping

ensures a lower total installed cost, as it is easy and quicker to install when
compared to welding, threading and flanging. The pipes are
fitted together with Klambon victaulic
couplings, where a gasket is retained within the coupling body and sits firmly across the two pipe
ends to ensure positive sealing of the joint.

What's more, two cup oval neck bolts made of high tensile steel are use
d for quick and low cost
installation of the coupling. Galvanised steel is the best suited material for the Richards Bay fire
mains replacement project, due to its excellent corrosion resistant properties. The port is subjected
to severe corrosion, due to
its close proximity to the ocean, and galvanised steel offers the distinct
advantages of being highly durable and corrosion resistant.

Galvanised steel piping also boasts high resistance

internal and external pressure, as t
he high
tensile strength

of the material ensures that the
pipes are
able to accommodate
stresses resulting from changes in pres
sure and temperature.

, Robor and the appointed fire safety contractor have developed a strong working
relationship that has resulted in good communication and a clear understanding of what is required
of each party. As a result, no major problems have been encountered, as mino
r setbacks have been
dealt with swiftly and effectively.

According to
, the infrastructure

market has
shown a steady increase in activity

in recent
months, which he believes is a positive sign for the future outlook. "With more investment taking
ce in


projects, Incledon plans to focus on promoting the benefits of
steel pipes
the engineering
and industrial

markets," he concludes.


Notes to the Editor

There are numerous photographs specific to this press release. Please visi

and click the Incledon link.

About Incledon

Incledon stocks over 14 000 preferred products and provides a wide range of approved and highly
recognised brands of pipes, fittings, valves, fl
anges, rigid pipe working tools & threading machines,
HDPE, compression fittings, pumps, electro
fusion fittings, windmills, sprinkler systems, water
meters, residential, commercial & golf irrigation systems, plumbing products and related products
used in
the engineering, mining, municipal, civil, plumbing merchant and irrigation markets. Incledon
supplies products utilised in the conveyance of water, gases and liquids.

Incledon Contact Details

Kelly Wilson

National Product Manager

Tel: (011) 323 0800

Cell: 0
84 500 5549



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