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Virtual Mall O
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June, 2012

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Ecommerce websites

can run all the time.
From the merchant's point of view, this
increases the number of orders they receive.
From the customer's point of view, an "always
open" store is more convenient

Provide Abundant Information

There are limitations to the amount of
information that can be displayed in a physical
store. It is difficult to appoint employees to
respond to customers who require
information across product lines.

can make additional information
easily available to the customers.

Overcome Geographical Limitations

If you have a physical store, you are limited by
the geographical area that you can service.
With an
ecommerce website
, the whole world
is your playground. You can capture market

Provide Comparison Shopping

Ecommerce facilitates comparison
shopping on a click. There are several
online services that allow customers
to browse multiple ecommerce
merchants and compare the best
prices for their desired products

Reduce Personnel Dependency

The automation of checkout, billing,
inventory management
, and other
operational processes, lowers the number of
employees required to run an ecommerce

Advertising and Marketing

Search engine traffic,
and social media traffic are some of
the advertising channels that are
more efficient &can be very cost

Economic forces

By decreasing investment costs; Essential Life
Virtual Mall has potential to Increase
opportunities, overall business sales and
finally provides you potential to Increase
Company’s Profit

Convenience and Control

Electronic marketplace

promote quick, just


time deliveries to customers so customers
and merchants can save money, time &
efforts. Customers experience no traffic jams,
no crowds, and do not have to carry heavy
shopping bags.

Transactions Recording

A good business means a good transactions
recording. And with online store you can
automate it. No need to hire an employee for
the job, every online activity your customers
engage in will be recorded to analyze the
growth of your business

Accuracy & Educate Practice

For a profitable business practice the data
accuracy is the key feature. In

all the transaction means will be automated
there will be fewer chances of mistakes &
errors in the business transaction records

Increases Brand / Product Awareness

By reaching out to new markets and displaying
your site prominently you can increase your
company/domain brand name and also
increase awareness about your products and

Allows for Smaller Market / Niche

You may wish to target smaller consumer
markets and buyer niches for your
. Owning an Online store gives the
merchant much control over who they target
and reach out to notify about the items for

Conduct Cheap Market Research

Merchants can use their site to conduct
market research on customer demand,
competitors, on a particular product or one in
which they hope to introduce in the future

How Do I Place My business in the Mall?

Download and go through your Merchants Application Forms from

After familiarizing yourself with the Terms and Conditions of your
membership, submit your fully completed forms to:

or fax to

Our consultants will revert to you within 48 hours

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