Why take the Steps to Migrate from Cognos Planning to TM1

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Why take the Steps to Migrate from
Cognos Planning


and why now….

The Planning Model can often be a challenge to operate efficiently, placing stress on
end users as well as your administrators. When companies need to scale there
quickly, the existing architecture can often place limitations on the
process, putting your business operations at a disadvantage against your
competitors especially when your business relies on real
time data and reporting.

The answer:
Cognos TM1

offers a dramatic improvement in the Business Planning solution space,
allowing users to manipulate large data sets which can be updated in real time,
giving management a new and improved perspective on there business operations.
How does TM1 do that? By

using a 64
bit, in
memory and multi
dimensional OLPA
engine. If you are a current user of Cognos Planning, then the TM1

9.5 version
will allow an easy transition since it uses the same web interface which will make it
easy on your end users.

There are

several new features in TM1 that will improve your experience using the
product. These include:

* Improved Microsoft Excel interface

* Customized Cube Views

* Multiple Hierarchies

* Combined Data and Text Entry

* “What if” Scenarios

* Improved Ch

Let our team of experts provide the keys to unlocking your business capabilities
using Cognos TM1

or Cognos Planning
. Which ever product you use to improve
your business operations, our team will provide the comprehensive support to
maximize your

investment and create the backbone of your business intelligence