TM1 Budget Tool Documentation

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TM1 Budget Tool Documentation

Logging On


TM1 Budget Tool Documentation

Connecting to the TM1 Application

TM1 Budget Tool Documentation

Logging On



The TM1 Budget tool is used for the generation of the University budgets and replaces the
tool and templates used previously. TM1 is a fully integrated solution where all budget information
is entered online directly into the system.

TM1 takes in data feeds from CQUCentral, Alesco and PeopleSoft Finance and then performs
of consolidati
on tasks to present the data in a structured fashion utilising MS Excel.

It is recommended that any user of the TM1 application be provided with training pr
ior to using this

Logging On:

To connect to TM1 the application must be installed on

the computer you are using. This can only be
done by someone with administration rights, check whether TM1 is installed by

selecting the Start
button and then Programs. If the IBM Cognos program group

then TM1
> and Perspectives for
MS Excel is there

then TM1 is installed.

If this is not able to be seen then contact the ITD Service Desk to request it be installed on the PC.
You will need to supply the computer id (on the red asset tag) to the service desk.

Select the Perspectives for MS Excel as sh
own below

To create a
hortcut on the desk top to the Budgeting and Planning System go to My Computer and
in the address line enter


or if using this manual online Ctrl + click to navigate to the
folder contents.

TM1 Budget Tool Documentation

Logging On


This will display a list of folders as shown below.

Right Click to highlight the TM1Frontend folder and then select Copy

Then minimise or exit the Window and return to th
e Desktop and right click and Paste Short
ut as
shown below

This will then create a new icon on the desktop

TM1 Budget Tool Documentation

Logging On


Double click on the icon to go to the TM1Frontend folder and then double click on the Budget
Model.xlsm file.

This will then open the CQU Bud
geting and Planning System and present the first screen as shown

TM1 Budget Tool Documentation

Logging On


Follow the instructions on the pages to enable the active content and a window will pop up with a

Enter OK to get the main menu to display.

If the welcome message does not

appear it means that the TM1 connection needs to be altered.

This is done by going to the Start But
ton and Programs
> IBM Cognos
> and click on the
Perspectives for MS Excel .

This will pop up a security warning and the Enable Macros button mus
t be selected.

On the tool bar select Add

Then from within the Add
Ins select TM1 and then Server Explorer

TM1 Budget Tool Documentation

Logging On


This will bring up a window called TM1

Perspectives Server Explorer

Select File and then Options

In the Top right hand corner of the TM1 Options Menu ensure that the Admin Host and Use
Integrated Login values are set as per the
example below.

Then OK. Close all the TM1 windows and from the desktop

run the
hortcut and select the Budget
as before. Enable the macros as per screen instructions and then the Welcome window
will appear and you can continue.

The first step is to set the Department value for which the Budgeting process is to be done for.

This is achieved by double clicking in

the yellow cell in the
Selected Department:


TM1 Budget Tool Documentation

Logging On


This will bring up a window that lists all the Departments that the person logged on is authorised to

By clicking on the + or

buttons next to the Department names, the tree will either be expande
d or

There are a number of tool bar

however the two that need to be remembered are:


The All button. This expands the tree and shows all values the user has access to.


The Filter by Wildcard button. This ena

the user to filter the tree based on the use of
partial text plus the wildcards where the wildcard value is *

The below example has a wildcard at the beginning and end of the word Service. This will find any
entry that has the word service in it. The
value of the text is not case sensitive

To select a department value from any level of the tree left click on the Department so that it is
highlighted and then select OK. This will then populate the Department field.