Zaharescu Maria Magdalena

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Zaharescu Maria Magdalena

Institute of Physical Chemistry, Romanian Academy

Splaiul Independentei 202, 77208 Bucharest, Romania

Date and place of birth:

January 20
th, 1938, Cluj, Romania


Bolyai” University Cluj, Faculty of Che
mistry, M.Sc., 1959

Institute of Chemistry, Cluj, Ph.D., 1971

Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, postdoctoral scholarship, 1974

Present position:
senior researcher,
Associate member of the Romanian Academy

physical chemistry of oxid
e systems (mecanisms of reactions, phase equilibria,
correlation structure and properties), applied on oxide materials with electric and magnetic
properties (dielectrics, semiconductors, superconductors, ferrites), special glasses (thermal and
chemical res
istant, enamels), ceramic membranes, zeolites

Current research interests
: sol
gel science (sol
gel chemistry, inorganic
organic hybrid
materials, nanostrtuctured films, nano
sized oxide powders, nanocomposites)


over 250 in refereed journal

over 250 communications to scientific meetings:

2 books (to be published)