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A/P Volodymyr Ivanov
Research Projects in Environmental Microbiology, Biotechnology
and Bioengineering

008-2011 MOE, Singapore, Microfluidic Bacterial Cell Separation for Environmental
Monitoring. Function in the project: PI
2005-2008 TEC, Singapore, Pilot Project on the Application of Enhanced Engineered
Wetland Technology for the Removal of Nutrients from Stormwater at
Kranji Reservoir. Function in the project: co-Principal Investigator
2005-2006 Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Engineering Cluster of NTU SEED grant.
Selection of safe bacterial strain for enhanced cell aggregation. Function in
the project: PI.
2003-2005 Joint NTU-SUT research project. Application of microbial granules in
wastewater treatment. Function in the project: Investigator
2001-2003 NTU, Microbiological examination of water quality by labeled trinucleotides
and flow cytometry. Function in the project: PI
2001–2004 Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, Development of methods and
diagnostic kits for rapid microbiological monitoring of ballast water quality.
Function in the project: Investigator
2000-2003 NTU, Singapore, Biotechnology of anaerobic digestion of sulfate-containing
wastewater enhanced by iron-reducing bacteria, co-Principal Investigator
1999–2001 EC,INCO-COPERNICUS Program, International Cooperative Project
Improvement of Ukrainian and Polish fermented food (enrichment by
organoselenium), Ukrainian Team Principal Investigator
1998-2000 KJIST, Republic of Korea, Anaerobic treatment of fat-containing wastes
mediated by iron-containing minerals, Investigator
1999-2000 Korea Science and Engineering Foundation, Development of the biotechnology
for remediation of radioactively polluted soil accounting real remediation
experience of Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident, Investigator
1998-2000 SAIC, sub-project of U.S. Office of Navy Research, Sampler for detection of
hazardous bacteria in neuston, Principal Investigator
1997-1998 Kiev University and CONRAD USA, Concept of bacterial contraceptive,
Principal Investigator
1990-1995 National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Microbiology and biotechnology of
bioremediation of oil-polluted soil and sub-soil, Principal Investigator
1985-1990 National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Biotransformation of agricultural
wastes to single-cell protein, Principal Investigator
1983-1987 VNIPI TRANS GAZ, Ukraine, Biotechnology for the treatment of methanol
and glycol-containing wastewater of gas industry, Principal Investigator
1985-1987 NORILSK GAZ PROM, USSR, Biotechnological facility for the treatment of
methanol-containing wastewater of gas-recovery plant in tundra, Principal
1980-1985 National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Stoichiometry and energetics of
microbial growth, Investigator
1980-1985 National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Use of flotation for the separation
of strains and their maintenance in biotechnological processes, Investigator
1980-1985 National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Interaction of microbial cells and
air-water interphase, Investigator
1977-1979 Bioleaching of uranium using Thiobacillus ferrooxidans, Investigator
1975-1980 National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Industrial production of single cell
protein from methanol, Investigator
1973-1975 National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Isolation of yeast strains and their
cultivation for single-cell protein production from methanol, Investigator