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http://powerjacksystems.com The Powerjack System is available for Gooseneck and Tag trailers with up to 15,000 lbs of hitch weight or a trailer rated at 60,000 lbs with up to 25% of the weight allocated to the jacks.

Hydraulic Jacks for Gooseneck & Tag Trailers and Equipment

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The Powerjack System is a Rugged, Dependable, Hydraulic Trailer jack system. Powerjack Systems
provides an easy method of attaching and detaching the trailer, loaded or empty. Double R

has brought you a jack tough enough to work in the extreme conditions found in the
Oil Field, the Construction and Utility Industries, and the Farm. The Powerjack System is a
hydraulic lift for your trailer. A six position lock stand holds your trailer in place when not in use,
loaded or empty. The Powerjack System will work with most hydraulic sources. Our system
components make it function properly.

The Powered Lock Stand™ makes it possible to operate the jacks from inside the cab of your truck
or tractor.

The Powerjack System is available for Gooseneck and Tag trailers with up to 15,000

of hitch
weight or a trailer rated at 60,000

with up to 25% of the weight allocated to the jacks.

Benefits of Powerjack Systems™

Saves minutes every time you attach or detach a

Effortless controls simplifies use for every age

Helps keep personnel free from moving

Mechanical lock stand allows loaded trailer
storage with no settling

Can be operated with wireless remote controls
allowing in cab operation

Works for towed implements or trailers

Features of Powerjack Systems™

5000, and 7500 lb. capacities

Easily welded or bolted to the

Lock stand system stores trailer/implement at
six different heights under no hydraulic

3000 to 10,000 psi hydraulic systems

Redesigned foot plate for increased lift height
and improved weight distribution

Can be added to most existing hydraulic

Double R Industries

Double R Industries

is a small manufacturing company located in Northwest
Iowa’s manufacturing sector. All of our components, with the exception of our pumps
and springs, are available within close proximity of our plant. Our plant is located in a
rural setting. We enjoy the ability to accomplish all of the fabrication processes in
house, outsourcing only the powder coating, as many of our customers request that
products be shipped unpainted.

our plant has the ability to perform many services we have been dedicated to
the development of the Powerjack System prior to developing any of our other
product ideas or assuming the role of a custom manufacturer. With the installation of
a 6’ x 25’ precision plasma table and better product handling we are well situated for

Our products, The Powerjack

hydraulic trailer jacks, were developed in
1986 and have served utility companies in the upper Midwest for many years. Double
R Industries bought the goodwill of the previous owner in 2009. With the help of

& Associates professional engineering firm of Cedar Falls, IA, Double R
Industries has made many improvements to the original design. All of our products
are FEA tested.

We thank our customers who have provided suggestions on how to improve our
products. We listened and now have improved and expanded our line of products.



Lock Stand™


At Powerjack Systems we have taken the work out of our already easy to use jacks. The Powered Lock
Stand™ allows you to use the wireless remote to lift your trailer off of the hitch and set it down in a
mechanical lock stand while others are still dropping the legs on their screw jacks and just starting the
task of manhandling the jack handle.

Making Your Job Faster, Safer, and


With the new Powered Lock Stand™ you no longer need to
stand next to the trailer or implement while it’s lowering
onto your hitch. A button on the multifunction remote
activates the cylinder to move




out of the way
while the trailer lifts off the lock stand.

See the

video of

system in action

Powerjack Systems Powered Lock Stand™.

Available for Powerjack 5000™, and Powerjack
7500LP™ models.

Works with Trailers, Ag Equipment, and
Construction/Utility equipment.

Works with Truck, Tractor, onboard hydraulics
or electric power units.

Replaces the lock stand control handle and cross
tube on dual leg

The Powered Lock Stand™ allows you

Use a wireless remote from your cab

Use your tractor remote valve from the cab

Use a remote or tool circuit from your truck

Work with more control in a safer

Make better use of your time

The Powerjack 5000™ for Gooseneck Trailers and Equipment

The Powerjack 5000™ is available with
the Powered Lock Stand™ option

These units can be powered and
controlled by your Tractor or self
contained hydraulic system. We can
also power them with any of our electric
hydraulic systems.

The Powerjack 5000™ is our smallest Powerjack. It is
best used on medium duty Agricultural Equipment,
and Construction Equipment. This unit works well
on 20,000 pound capacity Gooseneck and Tag
Trailers. The Powerjack 5000 can be used on road and
street repair equipment, vacuum excavators and many
other types of equipment.

There are a variety of controls available that
will fit the needs of most operators
including our wireless remote system that
allows operation from inside or out of the
truck cab. Check out the new Bolt On
Mounts for all models of Powerjacks.


dual Powerjack 5000™ system will handle up to 10,000 pounds of hitch weight. This is ideal for

single axle dual wheel trucks.

Lift Capacity







Mounting Length




Width with Handle




The Powerjack 5000™ is great for:

On the highway

In the oil field

On the farm

On the job

Pole trailers

Equipment trailers

Towed equipment

Contact Information

The Powerjack System is unlike any other hydraulic
trailer jack on the market

At Double R Industries we realize that this will bring up a few questions. Before you use that
manual trailer jack one more time, pick up the phone or send us an email. We will contact you
at your convenience and get you started on faster, safer, easier trailer handling.

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Boyden, IA 51234

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