The Complexity Concept Map Update Form

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The Complexity Concept Map Update Form

This form is meant to ease the process of updating the concept map maintained on the
web at:

for the various initiatives of the Europea
complexity community.

In order to facilitate an easy and useful interaction, please try to fill as many fields as
possible below.

This form is intended for a single contribution. However, if you wish to send more
than one contribution, please copy this

form and re
fill it with the new details. There
is no limit on the amount of contributions one can send.

There are four types of contributions, from which one may choose what type of
contribution he wishes to make. Of course it is possible to contribute
more than one
type (although it is better to do it in separate files). These types are:

The first type of contribution is a specific project or a specific information item
contribution. Here, you may feel free to contribute as many items as you wish.


second type is adding a concept to the tree structure.

The third type is adding a link between two concepts.

The fourth type is adding an entire sub

Please regard, when thinking of either of the last three types, not only the scientific
on, but also the visual clarity. We do not wish our complexity map to become
too complex.. Eventually we will probably transform the current tree into a forest with
multiple trees, but this is still into the future.

Please send the filled up form to:

Lastly, we strongly encourage any comments regarding the question of creating an
optimal experience, both in the posting phase and in the browsing phase. If you have
any ideas on these subjects pl
ease outline them in the comments field at the end of the

Thanks a lot, and may we grow together,

Sorin Solomon & Eran Shir

Project Contribution

Project Name:

Related Leaf (can be more than one):

Project Abstract:





Long Description:


New Leaf addition

Please designate the branch to which you wish to add the leaf, and the new
concept leaf.

Main branch to add to:

New concept leaf:

Motivation for a

New concepts linkage

Here a new link (the orange lines on the concept map image) can be added by
designating the two concepts between which you wish to create the link. Also,
check the ‘bi
directional’ check
box if you think the link should be

Originating concept:

Terminating concept:

directional link:

Motivation for the link:

New sub
branch addition

Here, a whole sub branch may be added. A sub
branch may consist of as many
leafs and sub
branches as one wishes.

The method to add a sub branch is the following:

In the sub
branch addition field insert elements of the form:

“MainBranch.SubMainBranch.SubSubMainBranch.Leaf” for each leaf in the
new sub
branch, separated by a “;”. For example:

Computer Science.Evolut
ionary Computation.Genetic Algorithms;

Computer Science.Evolutionary Computation.Evolutionary Strategies;
Computer Science.Evolutionary Computation.Genetic Programming

This will add a sub
branch called “Evolutionary Computation” to the
“Computer Science”

branch with the leafs: “Genetic Programming”,”
Evolutionary Strategies”, “Genetic Algorithms”

Of course, once you add a sub
branch you may also define projects to feel the
various leafs of the sub

branch addition: