Template for soliciting customer reviews

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Template for soliciting customer reviews

Template Description

The following template can be emailed to your customer to solicit and encourage reviews. The Subject
of the email can be “A Big Hearty Thank You For Your Recent Order” or something catchy that will make
them open the email.

Replace the fields surrounded
by {} with the actual values.

Please contact Next Level Business Development

to get the value for {link} or replace {link} with a web
link that sends customers to a page to leave reviews by any major local site such as Yelp!, or a major
search engine li
sting page on Google or Bing, like this:

Customer Email Template

Dear {customer},

Thank you for your recent purchase from {company name}.

We invite you to submit a review for the service you purchased that would benefit us and other
customers. Your in
put will help us make our service better.

Since reviews from third party sites are as important as reviews on the search engines, like Google, you
can leave a review at your favorite directory site such as Yelp or Localeze. However, we recommend
using Goo
gle if you have a Google account. You can leave a review by following 2 simple steps:

Creating a Google Account is easy as well. If you do not have a Google account, you can create one at

Once you have a Google

Account, click the link below. If you are not signed in, it will ask you to sign in. If
you are signed in, it’ll bring you to the {company name} page in Google.


You’ll notice at the bottom of the page there is a place to leave a review. Please le
ave a Title, Review
and Rating. We are not asking you to leave anything special, just an honest opinion of our services. Click
save, and you are done!

Thanks very much for your time.

{Signature} {Company Name} {Address} {Phone}

Incenting your Employees and Contractors

It has been said that a referral is hands down the best source of marketing for any local, small and
sized business. Online review is merely a digital form of this word
mouth advertising and in


MikeSobus, Your Coach



the long
run has significant impact to your business online. There are many reasons why reviews are
important for both driving traffic and converting that traffic to a customer when marketing online.

Because reviews are so important, it is important to ensure that

your company has some form of an
internal process for customer reviews. The process included in this document is merely intended for
guidance. When implementing anything new, and considering the dynamics of humans to adopt change,
it is suggested to provi
de a form of incentive to employees and contractors who helped collect reviews.
We have seen different models in the past such as offering team lunches, and internal competition for
monthly prize of $100 or some time off. Please consider implementing such

The reviews that a business gets from its customers might be good or bad. The better the reviews, the
more likely people will contact you for your services. In case you get a bad review, there are few things
you can do to get it removed from yo
ur listing.

Contact the person who posted the review, find out what went wrong and offer to make things right.
Take note of their complaint and ask for their suggestion on what you can do to set things right. Take
steps to make things right for them and
then ask them if they would be willing to edit or remove their

Reviews are very important part of your search engine optimization and online marketing efforts. The
search engines use reviews to measure a variety of factors. The search engines wil
l never put greater
weight on a five star review versus a one star review, as it is possible that a shady competitor could
leave you one star reviews. Therefore, don't fret over negative reviews, attempt to determine the
legitimacy of the review, and attem
pt to contact the reviewer and provide an offer in exchange for an
updated review.

Review Sites and their implications to the Search Engines

There are several websites where customers can leave their reviews for products/services. Some of
these include G
oogle, Yelp, local.com etc. For the major review sites, search engines typically do not
value reviews on their sites over reviews on local sites such as Yelp. Therefore it really doesn't matter
where your customers leave reviews.


MikeSobus, Your Coach



On Google Maps when you
generate your first five reviews, Google adds little golden stars next to your
business listing. This is one of the ways to get your business listing to stand out in the crowd. Customers
are likely to click on the business listing that has this 5
star rati

By establishing a review pattern, essentially you are providing authority to the search engines in

establishing your service area

therefore we need to help a search engine determine your service area so
it will show your listings for areas that are ou
tside of your core city.

Search Engine Optimization

Early April 2009 Google introduced local business center results into the mainstream organic results.
Since that day we have determined over 40 unique factors that influence the rankings in this area a
the quantity of reviews is a top 10 factor.

By establishing reviews you are suggesting to the search engines that you are in fact a business with
active customers pushing marketing efforts online and off
line. Regardless of good or bad reviews the
ntity of reviews are important for the search engines and are likely a factor that will help you out
rank other businesses for your keywords.

Service Area

A business has a service area defined by where their customers utilize and purchase the local business’s
service. For example, a pizza delivery company may have a service area that has a 5 mile radius from its
location. A courier business on the other hand

may reside in a suburb of a major city but focus their core
business in a major city. If this were a courier business in Chicago, they may serve a 100 mile radius
whereas a courier service in Sudbury, Ontario may service only a 10 mile radius. A Medi
in Los
Angeles attracts customers to its location from likely a 10 mile radius. A plumber in Sacramento during a
recession may be willing to travel 200 miles for business.

Service areas change from industry to industry, geographical area to geographical
area and include
other non
measurable factors. It is practically impossible for a search engine to assume

the service area
of your business.

Value of Reviews in the Online Marketing Game


MikeSobus, Your Coach



Getting customer reviews is an important step in improving your ran
kings in the Google Local Business
Results. Ask for a review anytime someone compliments your services. Implementing a customer review
policy in your company could dramatically improve your rankings.


A survey of more than 2,000 U.S. Internet
users, conducted by comScore, a leading web research
organization, revealed that consumers were willing to pay at least 20 percent more for services receiving
an “Excellent,” or 5
star, rating than for the same service receiving a “Good,” or 4
star, rating

Nearly one out of every four Internet users (24 percent) reported using online reviews prior to paying
for a service delivered offline.

seven (97%) percent of those surveyed who said they made a purchase based on an online
review said they fou
nd the review to have been accurate. Review users also noted that reviews
generated by fellow consumers had a greater influence than those generated by professionals.

What Are Reviews

Customer reviews are nothing but consumer opinions about products and
services that they buy.
Surveys show that today’s customers are paying more attention to reviews and getting influenced by
recommendations from other customers and people they can identify with prior to making a purchase.
In the online world, these reviews

are customer comments and testimonials that are published on
websites. Companies today can use customer online reviews to improve their product/service offerings.