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Or: Now that we’ve written
our press release
, how do we get


If you are distributing your press releases or media alerts locally and nowhere else, refer to your
media list

link to media list document
) and email, fax or
deliver your documents.

If you want to reach a much broader media audience

and don’t have the staff to compile and
continually update such a database
, you’ll need to use a distribution center or newswire service.

Review the following distribution cent
ers and compare prices for various services. Some releases
will not need national distribution, some you will want distributed only online or to print media,
and some may be just for broadcast outlets. Each release will have different requirements.

Your g
roup’s budget will determine how your releases are distributed. Over time, you will be
able to develop a media list that is wide
reaching and you may choose to distribute your releases
, but you will still want to devote time to keeping your list u

Without endorsement, the f
ollowing are
examples of press release distribution companies along
with their
company blurbs

One is



the rest


a fee
. This is not a comprehensive
list, but will start you on your way to finding a company w
ith whom you’d like to work.

: is a revolutionary Free Press Release
Distribution Service where each business also has a full company profile to promote everything
about its business. Submit news and press re
leases via our global online news and press release
distribution service with powerful distribution points such as AskJeeves News, Excite News,, MSN News, Google News, and Yahoo News.


PRWeb was founded in 1997 to help small businesses
leverage the Internet to communicate their news to the public. In the process of doing so, PRWeb
pioneered the direct
consumer press release, allowing companies for the first time

communicate their news directly to customers, prospects, analysts and the media.
Among the
dozens of innovations by PRWeb:

Introduced search engine optimization (SEO) for press releases to increase the visibility
of news in search engines like Google
and Yahoo!

Added social bookmarking tools like trackbacks and bookmark links to take advantage of
the explosion in social networking

Recognized the potential of Really Simple Syndication (RSS) to increase the distribution
potential of news and built the i
ndustry’s largest RSS network

Allowed customers to include podcasts along with their news to increase the impact of
their news release

Introduced “Feature Video” allowing customers to leverage the video content from
popular sites like YouTube to bring thei
r news to life


Our web
based PR
software suite helps organizations of all sizes manage local and global relationships and
ications with journalists, analysts, public officials and other key audiences. Our
integrated software modules address the critical functions of corporate communications and
public relations. It helps organizations manage large amounts of information, deli
ver consistent
and well
executed communications, collaborate among large or geographically dispersed teams
and analyze and report on the effectiveness of their corporate communications and public


Send2Press® delivers affordable,
proven press release services for both individuals and small to medium businesses; including
targeted news distribution, news release writing, press release optimization fo
r news search, and
agency of record service.

a true newswire service, we send news "direct to editors" and not just online postings and
RSS feeds like some companies claiming to be something they're not. Our news appears in
Google News, aggregation sys
tems like Voxant/TheNewsRoom, clipping services like
CyberAlert®, online portals in the Neotrope® News Network, and goes to The Associated Press


Press releases are sent by

and the
AP Satellite Feed

to reporters, editors and assignment
ks at newspapers, magazines,
trade journals

program directors, producers, reporters and
guest bookers at TV stations,
TV programs, cable networks, cable programs, radio stations and
radio programs. We target journalists that cover the topic of your press release from our list of
519,000 media contacts worldwide.

Our press releases are posted to major search engines including Google, Google News, Yahoo,
AOL, MSN and Technorati. Press releases are syndicated by RSS feed to other web sites, blogs
and RSS readers.
Up to two photos, five hyperlinks and 2,000 words are

Although our
focus is reaching journalists, we provide tremendous search engine visibility and SEO benefits.
Press releases stay online indefinitely



) :
ct with opinion leaders and
influencers when you use PR Newswire to deliver your press release. We deliver your message
to the print and broadcast newsrooms, journalists, bloggers, financial portals, social media
networks, Web sites, content syndicators an
d search engines that reach your target audiences.

PR Newswire has the broadest reach and the most comprehensive press release reporting in the
newswire industry. We also offer numerous value
adds as part of our distribution services,
including SEO, socia
l media tagging, complimentary reporting, free trade distribution and
posting on the

trafficked Web site in
the industry.