Vault2Cloud Vault Configuration


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Vault2Cloud Vault Configuration

1. Install and configure openVPN (see” Installing OpenVPN on a Management Appliance“ in the
Appliance Manual for details)
2. Add “Vault2Cloud” with Vault’s openVPN IP address to Vault’s host table
3. Add “Vault2Cloud” as an alias of the vault’s hostname to the vault’s host table
4. Register “Vault2Cloud” as a client of the vault (the vault should not be registered with any other
Vault2Cloud DPU Configuration

1. Change DPU hostname
DPU appliances that are vaulting must have unique host names. Hostnames should be
created using the following scheme:
a. Up to 14 characters for the company name
b. 16 characters for the asset tag (located on the front of the DPU)
Confirm that backups (especially Exchange and SQL ) are working after hostname change.
2. Setup openVPN – see” Installing OpenVPN on an Appliance“ in the Appliance Manual for details
3. License DPU to include DPL feature
If using a pre-4.2.1 version of the appliance software, ensure that your appliance has
been licensed for vaulting. To view your current license from the User Interface, select
Configure￿License. If the feature string does not include DPL, select the Request icon
and enter “Vaulting license needed” in the Request text field.
4. Configure DPU Management
a. Add DPU with DPU’s openVPN IP address to vault’s host table
b. Add “Vault2Cloud” with vault’s openVPN IP address to host table
c. Allow Remote Management to “Vault2Cloud”
d. On vault, Add Customer & Location
e. On vault, Add DPU
5. Select clients to vault
Identify the clients that you wish to vault. When you have determined which
clients you wish to vault, you must configure them for vaulting via the DPU’s
User Interface by selecting; Configure ￿ Clients, then select the appropriate
client and enable the Sync to Vault? checkbox.
6. Configure throttling (not honored during seeding)
7. Discuss backup strategy
a. When do Master backups run? Default calendars run master backups on Friday @ 7 pm,
BareMetal backups on Saturday morning @ 3am. This gives more network availability
over the weekend
b. Large incremental backups – look for excessive data to add to exclusion list
8. RapidSeed or WAN seed
9. Review Vaulting Dashboard and Restore from Vault