Pirate's VPN how-to (Windows)


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Pirate’s VPN how-to

Step one:
Download the open VPN client from here:
Install that! If windows throws up something about an “un-trusted” driver just hit
“install anyway”
Step two:
Using the email you signed up with at freshers week, sign up to the pirates vpn
with a custom username and password:
If you get an error that you can't troubleshoot, email us and we'll sort it out.
If everything works the page will give you a link the the vpn config files.
Download these files and extract into your config folder in your openvpn
installation directory as shown in the image below.
Step three:
Run Openvpn GUI as
(you may need to close it if it started automatically
from the system tray) Right Click Openvpn > Run as administrator
If you are behind the collge proxy, right click on the Openvpn GUI icon and set
the proxy settings. The proxy
should work out of the
box, if they don't then try
Then go down to the icon in the system tray right click and hit connect:
It should ask you for your vpn username and password, as well as your proxy
username and password if you are behind the college proxy.
All going well the icon should go green and you will be presented with something

Download the config files as discussed.
sudo apt-get install openssh-client network-manager-openvpn-gnome
Log out and log back in or restart.
Click on your network indicator and go down to VPN connections > Configure
Import the pirates.ovpn file from the extracted zip file.
Enter your vpn username and password, and click advanced settings to set the
It should now work by clicking on it from the network indicator.
If you are getting errors (usually TUN/TAP errors) the first step is usually to install

the latest version of OpenVPN at
This is different to OpenVPN Gui installed earleir.
If that doesn't work try to connect when not behind the college proxy and see if
you have the problem. Then contact us and paste the error log to the email.
All mac problems we've been emailed about have been fixed by looking through
the settings of your VPN client or sometimes using a different VPN client. Let us
know your issue and we'll check our emails to see how other users solved the
Most of the pirates committee use linux and should be able to help you with any
problems. Email us the error log, your version of openvpn and your distribution.
Feel free to contact us with any queries at