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Key Features:
all installation,
conFiguration and
maintenance by tesserent
team oF expert engineers
24/7 contact centre
24/7 onsite global hardware
support. next day delivery
on replacement hardware
and upgrades.

multiple detection engines,
including heuristic based
vrrp support For appliance
in excess oF 22000
signatures, updated as
support For vpn ipsec, l2tp,
pptp, gre and openvpn(ssl)
When We take a minute to think about the critical yet
sensitive data that sits on a netWork, it sends a chill up
the spine to consider this information being compromised.
thousands of neW security threats emerge daily. do
you have the time or resource to actively defend your
infrastructure? don’t be exposed. rely on the experts.
over 10 years expert experience in enterprise security
Tesserent has been delivering managed security solutions to high value
organisations across Asia Pacific for over 10 years. Our clients recognise the peace
of mind that comes from having an expert team manage their network security 24
hours a day, 7 days a week.
we manage your networK security, so you can Focus
on your business
• Every Tesserent Managed Firewall service is expertly managed by dedicated
security specialists across our Network Operations Centres
• By outsourcing your security Tesserent, the IT manager can delegate all security
configuration and day to day maintenance to Tesserent engineers
• Tesserent monitor your security, automatically protect you with signature
updates tackling the latest security threats, analyse and assess threats and stop
unwanted attacks on your network.
on premise and cloud options
• We can deploy your Tesserent Managed Firewall on-site or in your data centre
for the ultimate outsourced solution.
• Powerful hardware options with room to grow as your business grows, ranging
. from a single user through to multi-thousand seat corporate networks and data
. centres.
delivered onsite, in
your data centre or in
the cloud, tesserent’s
managed fireWall service
is the most cost effective
security solution on the

backed by a team of
expert engineers, our
single focus is to
securely protect your
netWorks, 24 hours a day,
7 days a Week.
protect your data With a tesserent managed fireWall
tesserent integrated
security partners
If you want to joIn hundreds of other leadIng australIan
busInesses In consolIdatIng your securIty and connectIvIty needs
please call 03 9880 5555 or vIsIt our websIte
tesserent managed fireWall features

the tesserent managed fireWall combines best of breed
technologies into a hybrid design providing maximum
security Without compromising performance.
• Stateful firewall with packet inspection capability
• Type of Service/ Quality of Service support
• Time based rule support
• Rate limiting and Connection limiting
• Policy based routing
• Traffic shaping and Policing
• Address and/or port translation capability
• Support for ARP layer control
• Multiple link handling for Internet redundancy
• VRRP support for appliance redundancy
• Dynamic routing protocol support (including BGP)
• On demand and periodic reporting
intrusion protection
• Multiple detection engines, including heuristic based detection
• Active or Passive operation
• On demand and periodic reporting
• In excess of 22000 signatures, updated as released
• Tightly integrated with firewall, capable of stopping even single packet exploits
virtual private networKing
• Support for VPN IPsec, L2TP, PPTP, GRE and OpenVPN(SSL) technologies
• Capable of interoperating with other, standards compliant, VPN servers
• Intermediate NAT gateway support
• Second factor authentication (including authenticating against other resources)
• Secure encryption standards including AES, 3DES, Blowfish and CAST
• Strong (4096 bit typical) X.509 certificates and RSA keys

Comprehensive reporting options
• On demand reporting and analytics dashboard. Realtime reporting available.
• Custom integration options available
protecting the
netWorks of leading
organisations in retail,
banking, construction,
local government,
education, transport,
logistics and mining