2012 IUTAM Symposium on Particle Methods in fluid Mechanics


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2012 IUTAM Symposium on Particle Methods in fluid Mechanics

Bridge aerodynamics is traditionally studied by way of wind tunnel tests supplemented with
numerical flow
mechanical computations. The latter is performed by COWI primarily with the
dedicated tool, DVMFLOW, developed in cooperation with DTU Mechanical Engi
neering (DTU
MEK). This tool solves the governing differential equations using a Lagrangian formulation, i.e. the
flow field is split into fluid elements (in this case small vortex elements), which are followed
individually over time. This method does not
require a calculation grid, which in turn, yields a very
effective execution: partly in man hours (you avoid time consuming net generation), and partly a
short computer time, as only the external bridge cross section contour is disc
etized. DVMFLOW
new standards
for bridge aerodynamics, and many major consulting engineering
companies now use similar tools.

The Lagrange method is often described as a 'particle method', as the computational elements are
not limited to vortex elements, but may just as w
ell be fluid elements with mass and impulse (used
for compressible flows), atoms and molecules in numerical modelling of nano scale flows and solid
particles by describing granular flows. This multiplicity has given rise to a strong growth in the
number o
f research results in this area and DTU MEK therefore hosts a 'IUTAM Symposium on
Particle Methods in fluid Mechanics' to uncover and throw light on these advances. The
Symposium takes place at DTU on 15
17 Oct. 2012.