District Network Technician

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Job Title:

District Network Technician

Title of Immediate

District Technology Coordinator


Job Summary:

Will design, install, and manage the District wide area network, all local
area networks and all Internet/Web/File servers under the direction of the
District Technology Coordinator. Will work with the District Computer
Technician and Building Technology

Coordinators in resolving all
related issues.

Task No:

Illustrative Tasks


Install, Maintain and Manage District Wide Area network, individual
building networks and Internet services and equipment, including District
file servers, routers, hub
s, wiring and all network computers. (30%)


Maintain network hardware, software, networkable computer applications
and files. (35%)


Install and manage network security as well as file backup operations.


Install and manage District Web Server. (3


Work with computer technician to manage record keeping system for both
maintenance and inventory of all hardware/software. (2%)


Assist District personnel in developing network procedures, provide
technical support to District personnel on both hardwar
e and software
issues. (6%)


Assist District technology coordinator in decision making process
concerning District, building and local classroom networking. Coordinate
with District staff on all network and computer related installations and
upgrades. (5%)


Backup and assist District technician with all technology related issues.


Others As Assigned (6%)

Job Qualifications:

Associates Degree from an accredited college or equivalent, and a
minimum of 2 years experience with WAN/LAN protocols, Internet

TCP/IP Protocols, and AS400 computer operations.