Why Java is not purely object oriented?

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Why Java is not purely object oriented?

Although Java is object
oriented to a great extent, it is

not a pure object
oriented language.

One of the reasons

There are six qualities to make a programming language to

be pure Object
Oriented. They are:

i)Encapsulation/Data Hiding



iv)All predefined types are objects

v)All operations are performed by sending messages to

objects an

vi)All user defined types are objects.

Java is not a purely object oriented language because

1) There is no concept called pass by reference in java

(Primitive types are passed by value and objects references

are passed by value in java)

2) The concept of pointers is not used in java

3) We cannot implement multiple inheritances in java using

only classes and not an interface.

Java is not purely object

is that not everything

in it is an object. And Java has static fields and methods (keyword), which

are independent and separate from objects.

This is the one and only reason. We can perform a function declared as static
an object; this violates real world reflection and object orientation.

Java is not 100% object oriented, because JAVA

does not support multiple inheritance directly.

Java is not a purely object oriented language because the

pt of pointers is not used in java. Also, we cannot

implement multiple inheritance in java using only classes

and not an interface.

Even though we cannot write programmed in java without

classes and objects , Still java

allows to use primitive

types. So i can say java is not 100% object oriented....

Java is an OOP language but not a pure Object Oriented

Programming Language.

Java is not purely object oriented b'coz although we can't write a java
without a CLASS; it can be without an OBJECT. i.e. you can simply write the
code in "public static void main (String[] args)". And still it works. Similarly,
C++ is not b'coz u can write CPP program in "main()".

we can't write a program without

a class or atleast an object

Ex: if u write

int x;

u may ask int is a data type, where is object, but in java

it is declared that any data type is an object of " Object"

class. So Java

is not pure object oriented.

Data types are still not objects except String. I think the

only pure object oriented language still is small talk,

though i haven’t explored much with c#.

Java is not a purely object oriented language

because it

doesn’t support the feature multiple inheritances .it support the


interface instead of multiple inheritance. So, java is not purely OOP concept

not everything done by an object. Pure oops is small

Till java5.0 its not pure oop.java6.0 is pure oop bcoz it uses only primitive data
type. Java is not pure OOPL because; programming language uses only 1.Class
2. Object, those we can called as pure OOP.

If any language uses other features (Abstracti
on, Encapsulation, Inheritance and
Polymorphism) of OOP then that language is not Pure OOP.

Pure Object Oriented is that use principally the terms like: encapsulation
polymorphism dynamic
binding. If you think Object Oriented means then can
understand wha
t these terms means. I’ll tell you only that java can extends and
implements object; Java has private public protected (not friend) flag for
declaring and using variables and objects; In java you can declare 2 or more
than two methods with the same name an
d the same number of parameters but
the parameters must be of different kind And so on. Operators overloading
Multiple inheritances are not supported in this lang. finally conclusion should
be that purely object oriented means everything should talk on cla
ss or object.