This wall Section takes One Hour to Install

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Quick Forming

Exterior Corner

Forming with

Metal, or Plywood


This wall

Section takes

One Hour to Install

12” hook into

Tie Beam

All Wall System, which makes up your exterior walls
is basically Fire Proof

By code it is
defined as having a 2

hour fire rating, is non
combustible and is non

makes any fire take longer to get to the Roof, if it gets there at all.

This allows for a longer
response time from the Fire Department which will help minimize damage to your home.

Block homes fire rating is zero.

Block homes have 1x2 furring strips, paper blown insulation, and
gypsum drywall board, all of which are combustible and/or flammable.

(feeds a fire)

All Wall System is designed with materials placed such that it qualifies as
one of the BEST
mildew resistant walls available today

(Mildew Web Page)

Block homes have 1x2 furring strips, paper blown insulation, and gypsum drywall board, all of which
hold moisture and therefore promotes the growth of mold and mildew like in wood framed homes and in steel
framed homes that have to use plywood on the exterior for strength. (hence all the law suits)

All Wall System is
Termite Proof

Block Homes feed termites and house termites because they have

furring on the inside wall
with insulation and drywall board.

All Wall System is one of the
best sealed home envelopes available today

Concrete is
poured continuous all around the home with non
porous concrete and with a 4" non
foam in the middle of the concrete.

This creates a less chance of bacteria air
borne germs,
as in biological warfare.

Block Homes are made with porous concrete and has air in the middle that can create moisture when
the temperature differences between the house and outside air is great enough.

This is why blocks have to be
installed in a 1" recess and All Wall can be installed on flat, easier to construct, slab.

The mortar placed between
100's of blocks can easily have an air and bug crawl space in it.

Benefits of an All Wall Eco
Home that

Concrete Block Homes "DO NOT" have.

All Wall's
energy efficiency

makes your home appraise higher.

(Whole Wall R
Value Web Page)

Block Homes will appraise as the price you pay for it.

All Wall gives you
more Usable Floor Space in your home

This will

increase your appraisal,

Block Home walls take up more space and are not as strong as All Wall.

All Wall System has Galvanized (won't rust in concrete, same as the truss straps that hold your
roof on)

Structural C
Studs embedded in the wall.

Actually, there are more C
Studs in this wall
system than in a home that is built with C
Studs, instead of wood studs.

This makes All Wall
superior in Hurricane, Tornado, and Earthquake resistance.

Block homes use metal that looks like 5" x 5" squares made of clothes hanger size steel rods.

All Wall requires
less pesticides to stop pests

Pesticides will be outside the home.

Block Homes require pesticides in a greater quantity.

If you would like to print a
presentation document
with pictures for even easier understanding

of how an
All Wall Eco

compares to Block Homes
(click here

(more) Benefits of an All Wall Eco
Home that

Concrete Block Homes "DO NOT" have.

Summary of

All Wall Composition

The All Wall system is a patented, factory assembled,
panelized building component comprised of six inch, 20
gauge metal C studs placed vertically at 14 1/2 inches on
center and fastened into a 20 gauge metal track. A four inch
rigid Styrofoam insulating panel is placed, centered between
all studs, leaving a one inch void from the foam face on each
side to the edge of the studs. This assembly is then covered
with a 5/16” cement board on both sides of the studs, and
fastened at each stud 6” on center. Each of these panels
(typically 4 feet wide) are manufactured in varying widths,
depending upon the building design/size, and are typically
continuous in height from the floor to ceiling. All required
openings, i.e., windows; doors, etc. are provided for within the
panelized units. At the jobsite, the completed units are stood
up, typical code compliant re
bar placed, and the
completed assembly structure is
filled with concrete.


…continued Summary of

All Wall Composition

filled with concrete
, the system exceeds ALL national building
codes. The system eliminates concrete formwork and formwork
bracing associated with formwork design, which is typically utilized to
retain the pressures of concrete when in the liquid state. In essence,
the system prior to filling with concrete, is a stay in place form.
Additionally, since there is ‘virtually no field formwork’, there is ‘very
little formwork to strip’ after the concrete is placed/cured. This saves
additional time and waste. All Wall, also eliminates the typical furring,
insulation and drywall process. Since the 4 inch foam is encapsulated
within the concrete, (which provides a comparable R
37 insulating
factor), and the cement board is already factory installed, (which acts
as the drywall), all that is required to finish the inside is the usual
taping, finishing and painting. The exterior can receive cement
stucco, siding, or even synthetic finishes.

In conclusion,

All Wall provides a

building component
exceeds all codes
, is
easy to install

costs LESS to live in

other conventional methods of construction.


We have installed thousands of SF of this system.

Wall heights of: 8’, 10’, 12’, 16’, 18’ and 21’, etc.

This picture shows filling a 4 ft by 12 ft tall wall section with

The time it takes to fill 4 LF of wall, when filling a 12 ft tall
wall, is a little over 2 minutes.

With Window openings and door

openings you can expect the

filling of an 8’ tall wall to be at a

rate of one (1) LF every 30 seconds..


For a 220 LF wall that is 8 feet tall it takes:

220 * 30 seconds / 60 sec. / 60 min. per hour

2 hours, to fill the walls of a 3,000 SF Home.

Fabrication Pictures

Manufacturing can be as easy
as working off of a table to
using panelizing machinery

Cutting the interior and exterior
cement boards is easily performed
with shears that do not create dust.

All Window and Door openings

are fabricated in the Factory

Electricians install the boxes in the field

(Boxes installed at a rate 2 times faster than in block construction)

Stand them, Brace them, Place re
bars in tie beam, Fill with Concrete

extensive research
, including the psychology of the

concrete pumper that holds the hose, we have determined the

best way to assure proper filling at the site.

...... is designed to be installed

with a
hand labor

force team,

with NO heavy equipment required.

This information informs you, the client,

That this system has been used and is as ….

EASY to erect and install as we claim.

The Strength of the system is supported by

Outside Consultant Engineers, because …

We Exceed …

The requirements of ALL Building Codes.

Wind Load Resistance



27,000 lbs

Loads from

150 MPH Winds

85 psf



Costs Less to Live in

Faster to Construct

Minimum Pesticides


37 Insulation

Quick forming




Vertical Re

This wall

Section takes

One Hour to Install

12” hook in

Tie Beam

All Wall System


Stand up Panel #1, and temporarily brace to stay in place.

Install two (2) masonry fasteners thru the bottom track into the slab.
(for alignment only)

Drill a ¾” diameter by 6” deep hole and fill hole with Epoxy.

Insert a #5 Rebar dowel with 12” hook into the hole.

Stand up the next panel

Clip to Panel #1 with two(2) ½” by 2” by 4”
pieces of plywood using screws, to stay in

Install one(1) masonry fastener thru the
bottom track into the slab.

Drill a ¾” diameter x 6” deep hole and fill with

Insert the #5 Rebar dowel with 12” hook into
the hole. Etc.

Continue until All Walls are standing.

Place the Tie Beam Steel into the Tie Beam area.

Fill with concrete

Place ladder brace on top of panels.

Install 2”x2”, 25 ga, stud 14” down from top of
wall panels, for string lining the walls.

Install thru bolts

Starting 9” from bottom at 20” o.c. up,

until 5’ from top of panel. (or Alt. bracing)

Temporary for pouring.

.. have the Concrete Pump Subcontractor
(or Laborer’s)

fill the All Wall System with concrete.

Slide the ladder off the top.

Remove the TEMPORARY bracing for concrete, and the clips that held
the panels to each other.

Move the “Wall Crew” to the next home

You are done !

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