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Time : 3 hrs

Maximum marks : 75



Question paper is divided into Group A, Group B and Group C


Each Group is 25 Marks


Figure to the right in bracket
indicates marks.


Good Handwriting is expected


Assume suitable data if necessary.

Group A (25 Marks)

Attempt any three questions. (Question no. 1 is compulsory)

Q.1: Draw sketches for : (i) Single riveted lap joint (ii) Chain riveting



Explain in detail failure of riveted joint.


Q.3: Write different steps while designing an axially loaded tension member.


Q.4: Write in detail typical cross section of compression member.


Q.5: A strut in roof truss carries an axi
al compressive load of 180 KN. Design suitable double angle
section for the compression member. The length of strut between centre to centre of intersection
is 2.3 m and yield stress of steel is 250 MPa.




(25 Marks )

Attempt any
hree questions. (Question no. 6

is compulsory)


Define :

i) Span, ii) Rise, iii) Pitch, iv) Slope, v) Rafters


A double riveted double cover butt joint is used to connect plates 12 mm thick. If 22 mm
diameter power
drive shop rivets are used
at 70 mm, determine the strength of joint and its
efficiency take

at = 150 Mpa.



Calculate the length of weld required to connect an ISA 100 x 100 x 10 mm with gasset
using 8 mm fillet weld. The angle is subjected to an axial force o
f 100 KN. Allowable shear
stress in weld is 110 Mpa. Ixx = Iyy for angle is 28.4 mm.



Design a discontinuous strut using double equal angle sections connected back to back on
opposite faces of 10 mm thick gasset plate to carry a compressive f
orce of 300 KN. Effective
length of the strut is 3 m.



Design a suitable ISLB section for a simply supported beam of effective span 5 m subjected to
an UDL of 30 KN/m. over entire span. The beam is effectively restrained for lateral buckli
along its span. Cluck for shear and deflection also.




(25 Marks)

All questions are compulsory.

Q. 11. (A) Fill in the blanks
(Each question carries 2 marks, Total = 10 marks)

1. The diameter of rivet before riveting is __________

2. The edges to be joined are melted by oxyacetylene gas by is known as __________ .

3. A member carries direct axial tension in a roof truss is _________.


4. The effective length of column held in position and restrained against rotation at bot
h ends is

5. The distance between centres of any two adjacent rivet is ________ .

Q. 11. (B) Multiple choice questions (Each question carries 2 marks, Total = 10 marks)

1. The joint in which plats to be connected overlap each other is called as

a. Lap joint b. Bult joint c. Centre joint d. Overlapping joint.

2. Effective length of column held in position at both ends restrained against rotation at end is

a. 0.65 L b. 0.80 L c. 1.00 L d. 1.20 L

3. Effective length of cantile
ver beam built in at the support and free at end is

a. 0.85 L b. 0.75 L c. 0.5L d. 3L

4. The normal distance between two adjacent gauge lines is called as

a. Pitch b. Gauge c. Centroid d. All above .

5. Effective length for single angl
e discontinuous with one rivet or bolt at each end is given by .

a. 1 b. 0.85 L c. 0.75 L d. L/2

State whether the following statements are true or false.(Each q
uestion carries 2

, Total = 10 Marks


The diameter of rivet before riv
eting is gross diameter.


Effective length of column held in position at both ends restrained against rotation at one
end is 0.80 L


In torque welding edges to joined are heated to plastic state a them joined by applying
extremely high mechanical pressure.


Coefficient of friction in friction type joint is known as slip factor


The distance between centers of any two adjacent rivet is caused as gauge.