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An Introduction to the

Webfacing Wizard

Presented by: Raymond Everhart


What Is WebSphere?

What Is WebFacing?

What Is View / Controller / Model?

What Tools Do I Use To WebFace?

How is a WebFaced Application Deployed?

What Does Webfacing Do For Me?

How Much Does Webfacing Cost?

What Is WebSphere?

IBM’s Infrastructure Software Solution

Core Operating Environment:

WebSphere Application Server

Application Development:

WebSphere Studio

Add On Products

WebSphere Portal

WebSphere Commerce

Many More

What Is WebFacing?

Delivered as a component of the iSeries

Converts DDS to Java Server Pages And
Java Beans.

Allows Existing RPG/Cobol applications to
be deployed on an application server.

Conversion occurs during development not
at run

Allows customization in DDS.

What is

View / Controller / Model ?

An Application Design Methodology

Logic is separated by function


Display Functions (Browser)


Screen Handling (Application


Business Logic and File I/O (Host)

WebFacing partially simulates VCM

What Tools Do I Use To

First Webfacing tools were delivered as a
part of the WebSphere Development
Toolkit v5.1. (WDT 5.1)

Most recent version supplied as part of
WebSphere Development Studio Client
v4.0 (WDSc v4.0) Service Pack 3

Next version WDSc v5.0 available
April 25, 2003

How is a WebFaced

Application Deployed?

DDS is Converted to Java Server Pages and
Java Beans

All of the required objects are placed in a
WAR file.(Web Application Archive)

The WAR File is deployed/installed onto
the Application Server.(WebSphere,
Tomcat….on a xSeries, iSeries, zSeries…)

What Does Webfacing

Do For Me?

Allows me to add a browser based interface
to an existing application in minutes.

Allows one program to support browser
based clients

screen clients.

Allows existing staff to develop browser
based applications in RPG/Cobol while
learning Java.

How Much Does Webfacing

User Time

WebFaced/Java applications
are slower than Green
Screen applications

Interactive CPU

WebFaced applications
run as interactive jobs. (300 CPW min)

Requires an Application Server


“Free” (You get what you pay for)

WAS Express as low as $500.00 for 20 users


IBM wants you to use WebSphere. Over the
next year, IBM will be spending $500
million dollars to put WebSphere based
solutions in front of Small/Medium sized

IBM provides tools to iSeries users that cost
thousands on other platforms.

WebFacing is an ideal entry method into the
WebSphere environment.

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Raymond Everhart