Conclusion Writing Example Ethical Case Study

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Conclusion Writing


Ethical Case Study

Problem Statement:

Although it has great potential for tracking inventory and quick identification, there are aspects
which may cause it to encroach upon our privacy rights. Through this essay, one will
have a clearer
understanding that this great invention carries with it a costly ethical price tag.

Unless regulated by
some laws, RFID may be unsuitable for identification purposes.


RFID is a great advancement for this new generation of technol

as seen in warehouse and
inventory tracking

However, used as identification purposes,

RFID may be unsuitable

The examples
showing the ease of bypassing RFID security measures brings about ethical dilemmas.

The Big Brother

of RFID tags seems


make too many people uneasy.
The vulnerability in security and tracking
issues is not worth the compromise for such technology. Without a full guarantee from these ethical
issues, RFID should never be used in human
related identification.