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Seattle Drupal Clinic

Introduction to Drupal

Part 2: User/role management, Drupal
directory structure, Choosing/installing
contributed modules

Disclaimer and Copyright

This presentation was created by Jennifer Hodgdon of
Poplar ProductivityWare LLC.

This presentation is placed in the public domain.

You are therefore granted permission to use and
modify this presentation as you wish. However, an
attribution to the source is always appreciated.

Information contained here is believed to be accurate,
but is presented with no warranty as to its accuracy.
Use at your own risk.

Users, Roles, and Permissions

Drupal has a flexible and powerful Permissions system,
composed of the following elements:

Anyone who visits your site.

The ability to see or do something on the site (e.g.,
see the page at a particular URL, add a comment, etc.).

: A named set of permissions on your site. Users can be
assigned to multiple roles, and they have all the permissions of
each role they’re part of.

Anonymous user
: Special role for all non
in visitors to
your site.

Authenticated user
: Special role for all logged
in visitors to your

Drupal’s Directory Structure

Drupal’s core areas (DO NOT MODIFY!):

(files such as index.php, .htaccess, install.php, update.php)







Contributed and custom modules, themes, and libraries to be shared by all sites hosted here:





Subdirectories defining the individual
web sites hosted here:

sites/(other subdirectories)

settings.php (file)

modules (directory)

themes (directory)

Choosing Contributed Modules

Find modules


filter by topic


Structure Guide and Administration Guide
pages sometimes suggest modules

Drupal User Group meetings, Drupal camps, DrupalCon

Suggestions from
other Drupal users

Evaluate modules

Issue queue
: Are there many open issues? Are they being addressed?

: When was the last commit (is it in active development)? When was
the first commit (how long has it been around)? When was the last version
released? Does it have a “stable” version, or only alpha/beta/development?

Usage statistics
: How many sites are using this module?

: Does it have any (may need to download and check for a
README.txt file)? Does it make sense?

Ask around

(Drupal User Group)