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Sorenson Media

April 2010

Who We Are

Provider of the Highest Quality

Video Solutions

Every time you see a video online, you
probably have Sorenson Media to thank.

Jefferson Graham,



Launching May 11, 2010

Sorenson Media
{ Enterprise Background }

Our roots are firmly planted in the Enterprise market

plus meeting the video needs of the Enterprise market

Established brand, trusted by the Enterprise market

Sorenson Spark

Apple, Macromedia/Adobe, YouTube

Sorenson Squeeze

media conglomerates, Fortune 500 companies,
universities, institutions

And now, Sorenson 360 v2…

Ready for Enterprise

OVP market

Scalable, customizable


featured platform

Representative Customers

New Enterprise Features*

Completely Customizable

Account Functionality (any # users)

Complete Video Management in one

Generated Playlists

RTMP Streaming with Unlimited Data

Customizable White Label Video Players
+ Templates

Social Media Sharing Tools

Intelligent Embed Codes, inc. Native
Mobile SmartPhone Support

Automated SEO Tools

API for Developers: RESTful API w/Ruby,
PHP, Java and C# (.Net) Bindings

Sorenson 360 v2 {
New Features

*All available standard as part of Sorenson 360 subscription

Additional Features*

Unmatched video quality

Powerful, High Quality Video Encoding

w/Professional Filters

Review & Approval efficiency system

Detailed Analytics: Real
time analytics & video
engagement metrics

Reliable, Redundant, Scalable Cloud
Infrastructure for hosting

AWS Cloudfront CDN w/15 Points of Presence

Delivery on all devices (iPad, iPhone)

Seamless Integration with Video Production
Suites (Final Cut, iMovie, Avid)

Standard Professional Encoding (Squeeze)

Sorenson 360 v2 {

*All available standard as part of Sorenson 360 subscription



Drupal, WordPress Plugins*

Unique “YouTube
Box” for User Generated Content

Video Production Services

Ad Network Plugins

Flash Player SDK

Sorenson 360 v2 {

"Sorenson 360 gave us functionality that we weren’t sure how we could implement
otherwise and we could deploy it almost out of the box. ’’


James Archer, Managing Director, Forty Marketing

"Sorenson has enabled me to protect our brand and effectively manage the
process of approvals & posting. It’s great and I absolutely love it. ’’


Shannon Dunn, Senior Editor, Sprint Creative Media Services

Sorenson 360 v2 {

Stacking Up


*UVPs available standard as part of
Sorenson 360 subscription

Why is Sorenson leading
the pack in quality?

Expertise and history in the industry

Proprietary encoding solutions, filters

Use of the best codecs (no FFmpeg)

First to bring HD quality video +
professional encoding to the online
video platform industry

Enhancing Features in 360

Unlimited Data Rates

Unlimited Player Sizing (480p,
720p, 1080p)

HD Presets Available

Sorenson 360 v2 {
Highest Quality Video

Sorenson prides itself with total video solutions that truly
deliver unmatched video quality

on any device

Sorenson 360 v2 {
Custom Pricing

Straightforward pricing in a
scalable, pay as

model, based on usage. All
enterprise features are
included with each account,
with nominal fees for a few
select high
value add

Sorenson 360 v2 is
available for enterprise
customers with
customizable packages
available for any size
implementation or business.

Users can track storage,
usage and streaming rates
within each account.

Amazon Web Services

Provides Sorenson customers with reliable, redundant, scalable

Cloud Infrastructure for hosting video.

AWS Cloudfront

CDN provides 15 points of presence worldwide to

deliver content with
low latency and high data transfer speeds.

Sorenson 360 v2 {


Best of Breed Partners


Web & Mobile Development


Video Production & Video SEO


Video Player & Plugins


Ad Network Integration

Sorenson 360 v2 {


Thank You For Listening.