What is Drupal?

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Drupal (Droo

What is Drupal?


is a software package that is free to users. It is a management system that allows individuals or
groups to manage content on the web such as: blogs, images, files, discussion forums, podcasts, etc. It
can be used for many different tasks which may includ
e: building a school's web presence, increasing
class participation, creating staff pages, and much more.

The History of Drupal

The idea of Drupal was sparked in 2000 when two men by the names of Dries Buytaert and Hans Snijder,
students at the University

of Antwerp in Belgium, created a wireless bridge between their fellow students
and Snijder's modem connection because the students were not able to purchase the wireless internet
connection due to the high cost at the time. Although this was a great set u
p, they soon realized that they
had no means of communication between the students. It was then that Buytaert decided to create a site
with a built
in web board to allow the students to communicate back and forth. The site went nameless
until after Buytaer
t graduated. Wanting to stay in touch with each other after graduation, they turned the
internal website into an online website available to everyone. Drop.org became the original name of the
website after he made a typo when entering dorp.org (dorp being
the dutch word for village which they
found suitable for the community website). Not long after the website went public, its audience began to
expand and the website became an experimentation port for those exploring new paths for technological
. In January of 2001, the software behind drop.org was released and became known as
"drupal" (the English pronunciation of the Dutch word "druppel" which means "drop"). As of 2008, Drupal
had a community of over 350,000 subscribed members and is rapidly co
ntinuing to grow.

Advantages of Drupal

Disadvantages of Drupal

Issues of Drupal as a Website

Where will Drupal go from here?



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