The District Treasurer should be able to assist you with this and can tell you what the RI dues and District dues are for each Rotarian in your new E-Club.

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Starting a Rotary e
club? Your Rotary District can help.

10 June 2010

by Gerry Roberts, PDG and Past President of Rotary E
Club One

As you will discover, starting a Rotary e
club is a major undertaking requiring knowledgeable,
dedicated Rotarians, and
requiring input from several sources to answer a multitude of questions
and consider many ideas that could affect how well your Rotary e
club gets off the ground.

Rotary is a hierarchical organization starting with the 17 member Board of Directors who work

the RI President in managing our worldwide body. Each Director is responsible for 2 of the 34 Zones
in which some portion of the 531 Rotary Districts (around the world) reside, and each District has an
annually elected leader known as a District Gove
rnor. Governors serve for one year, but are trained
for more than two years prior to assuming their post.

Each District Governor develops a team of dedicated Rotarians from within the District to assist him
or her and it is to this team that I strongly dir
ect your attention.

Your new Rotary e
club must apply to the Governor for recognition as well as find a sponsor Rotary
Club. Most Districts have a Club Development Chair or similarly titled person who can assist you in
this process.

You must develop a set
of books for accounting for and disbursement of monies your club collects in
terms of dues and such.
The District Treasurer should be able to assist you with this and can tell
you what the RI dues and District dues are for each Rotarian in your new E

Also there is usually a District Website Chair who can assist in the development of your website, as
well as counsel you on the makeup of the site and the ‘Do’s’ and ‘Do Not’s’ of such a site. Please
remember that you are brand new to the District

idea of establishing a Rotary e
club may not
have been in the plans of the current or next Governor so some gentle persuasion may be needed,
which can include the Governor’s volunteer staff too. New Rotary e
clubs will do well to take time to
develop some
close relationships with District members so that when you establish your e
club, it
will work well from the start. The old saying of “Haste Makes Waste” truly applies to an e

In developing your service ideas, the District can help. There are

usually appointed Chairs for
Community Service, Club Service, International Service, Vocational Service and the newest Avenue of
Service, Youth. There will be Chairs and committees for RYLA, Youth Exchange, Group Study
Exchange, The Rotary Foundation (inc
luding Annual Giving, Permanent Fund, Donor Advised Funds,
and the like), Interact, Rotaract, PolioPlus, Literacy, District Newsletter, PETS, Fellowships, and
several more. Use these Chairs and committees to assist you in your program development.

You will

need to develop a method of measuring attendance and then reporting it to the District
Secretary or the Attendance Secretary. You will have an Assistant Governor for your e
club, usually
by geographic area, who is able assist you with navigating the Distr
ict, Zone and upwards to Rotary

Simply said

you need the District and the District needs you. Working together will make your life
so much easier at the start, and later on, with good management, your e
club could become one of
the premier

clubs of your District, making all your effort invested in the startup effort, very

“SERVICE ABOVE SELF” applies to all of Rotary, so adopt meaningful service projects that will involve
and inspire your members. This, together with an online C
lubhouse where fellowship and
information exchange is constructive and enjoyable, will create the momentum you need to