Proposal for Exploration of a New Applied Journal

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for Exploration of a New Applied Journal

Bill Gabrenya


from Fons van de Vijver

Journal name:

the journal name should be distinct from JCCP in order to avoid the perception that
the applied journal is publishing JCCP’s

leftovers. Leaving out the CCP in the title

this distinction

: Journal of Applied Cross
Cultural Psychology



Explore the feasibility of launching

an applied journal with our current publisher, Sage.
y, explore non
Sage options.


My perception is that applied cross
cultural research, particularly related to work or
industrial/organizational psychology, is
rapidly expanding
. Is this true? Interest in things
cultural at
SIOP (Soc for Ind/Org Psy)

has clearly increased greatly over the last 10 years.

A citation analysis
might estimate the extent to which applied cultural papers are taking an increasing share of pages
published in existing journals. A parallel analysis of the proportion of applied
cultural papers
presented at non
cultural conferences (Academy of Management, SIOP, IUPsyS, national societies)
could be performed.


The journal should address a
ll applied areas, including work, clinical, counseling, migration.
Some market analysi
s is needed to determine which applied areas would be most highly
represented in an applied cross
cultural journal. The masthead policy would be inclusive of
mpirical studies, including quantitative
, qualitative and mixed methods, and both t
heoretical and

review papers.

The value of an interdisciplinary approach should be examined.

Benefits to IACCP:


Entry into an expanding field with an identifiable journal


consistent with
large proportion of applied researchers and practitioners



draw clini
cal/counseling psycho
logists back into


IACCP gains
all of royalties

no royalty sharing with a 3


Threats to IACCP:


Because JCCP publishes some applied work, or work that is in the gray area between theory
and application, the new journa
l could cannibalize JCCP. Although this would be an “internal
cannibalization,” any weakening of JCCP might not be compensated for by the addition of
the applied journal


Increased membership
of applied researchers
in the Association may not be
great enough

provide sufficient human capital to support the editorial efforts of the new journal


Adding a journal increases the administrative overhead of the CPC and EC

Complementary activities:

Encourage development of SIGs in one or more of the applied fields.

are just now developing (one approved, one proposed), so the future of SIGs in IACCP has not yet
been determined.


Needs a subcommittee of the CPC.

Further discussion with Sage; market analysis;
exploration of potential other publishers.

Other options:


Divide JCCP into named sections, similar to JPSP (J. of Personality and Social Psychology)


Talk with the IJCCM (Int. J. of Cross
Cultural Management) about a relationship
, since IJCCM
is also published by Sage.

(Unfortunately, IJCCM does not

yet have an impact factor after
publishing for over 10 years.)