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Department of Biotechnology

Name of the Lab : Microbiology Lab
Lab Incharge : Dr. R. Emilin Renitta
Technical Staff : Mr. Germin Amalraj
Lab Description :
Welcome to the exciting field of Microbiology! This laboratory will provide the students
with basic skills and tools that will enable them to expand to a vast microbial world. Its scope is
incredibly broad which includes a multitude of Algae, Bacteria, Protozoans, Viruses, and Fungi:
Yeasts, Molds. Both theoretical and practical perspectives of beneficial and harmful
microorganisms will be studied. I
n this course, students will be trained to gain hands on
experience on various techniques in Microbiology (eg: taxonomy, antibiotic resistance,
identification of microorganisms, secretion of metabolites into media, enumeration of
microorganisms from different sources, preservation of cultures, medical implications, etc.);
however, the students will get exposure to these concepts in the laboratory by using standard

To embark in the field of Microbiology it will be necessary for the students to learn how to
handle cultures in such a way that they are not contaminated or inadvertently dispersed to the
environment. This involves learning aseptic techniques and practicing preventive safety

Major Equipments:
S.No. Name of the equipment



Hot Air Oven


Clinical Centrifuge


Medical Microscope

Fluorescent Microscope


Phase Contrast Microscope


Penta Head Microscope

Deep Freezer

All glass single distillation unit

Colony Counter


Orbital Shaker


Laminar air flow chamber

Lab Course Contents:
Sub Code and Name: 09BT212 –Microbiology Lab
1. Microscopes
2. Sterilization and disinfection
3. Culture media for microorganisms
4. Inoculation of micro organisms
5. Isolation of pure culture by streak plate technique
6. Gram staining
7. Negative staining
8. Hanging drop wet mount for motility
9. Spore staining
10. Phenol coefficient
11. Enumeration of microorganisms from soil
12. Enumeration of microorganisms from water

Sub Code and Name: 10MB307 –Microbiology lab (M.Sc., Medical Microbiology)

1. Culture media for microorganisms
2. Preparation of media and inoculation of micro organisms
3. Pure culture techniques
4. Staining techniques
5. Biochemical tests for strain identification
6. Laboratory examination of pus
7. Laboratory examination of sputum sample
8. Laboratory examonation of throat and mouth specimens
9. Laboratory examination of urine
10. Laboratory examination of stool specimen
11. Laboratory examination of blood sample
12. Examination of faecal sample for the presence of parasites
13. Examination of blood smear for malarial parasite
14. Antibiotic sensitivity test – kirby bauer method
15. Methods of culture preservation and maintenance