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MTA Cryogenics:

Where We Are

The Work of Fermilab AD/Cryo

Barry Norris, Christine Darve

and a host of wonderfully talented Cryogenic Personnel

John Thompson, Mike Dinnon, John Juneau,

Roger Milholland, Joe Brown

To name a few

MTA Complex

Dewar Fed Cryogenics for MTA Solenoid

MTA Cryogenics

MTA Solenoid Helium and Nitrogen

Dewar Fed System for Helium and Nitrogen

Two 500 liter helium dewars and 160 liter LN2

Future Closed Loop Refrigeration Plant

Use of Tevatron style compressors, refrigerator,
and controls packages

Elimates overhead of liquid helium costs and
personnel requirements

Support of Cryo for Solenoid and Hydrogen
Absorber Needs

Present Configuration

A Dewar Fed System

Total MTA solenoid volume about 300 liters

Six LHe Solenoid Fills Since Feb 28

Successful Automatic LN2 Refill

Hurdles We’ve Jumped

Long Safety Review Process for Cryogenics in MTA Hall

Developed engineering documentation and safety analysis as per
Fermilab ES& H section on cryogenic facilities

Creation of ODH 0 environment while maintaining positive pressure in the
Hall for cleanliness considerations

Using 2 speed fan hardwired to ODH system, monitor vent flow…failure of
ventilation system causes reclassification of facility to be an ODH

Issues About Coil Forces on Quench

Safety panel wanted analysis of quench forces

Mike Green spoke at depth with panel and satisfied concerned

Significant Flange Leak Sealed Enough to Operate

Possible o
ring damage…long
term fix necessary

Applied vacuum bag sealant radial to flange gap and applied pressure
with hose clamp

Hurdles We NEED To Jump

Understand and implement fix for flange leaks

We must automate the cool down procedure

Understand if we can fill the magnet while powered

Add a throttling valve to the supply system to slow
down the helium usage rate thereby making the best
use of helium’s sensible heat and reducing costs

Provide adequate instrumentation and reliability to
get to 24/7 operations


Implement automation of magnet cool down in PLC
located at MTA

Refrigerator Flow Scheme
Supporting Solenoid and Absorber

Future Refrigerator

What’s Been Done So Far?

Large Objects On Site

Compressors, satellite ht. exchanger, gas

engine, helium gas tank, LN2 dewar

Piping contract for helium high pressure low
pressure completed in Fall of 2005

Field Controls designed...beginning to be
assembled and installed

Future Refrigerator

What Must Be Completed?

Install Controls

480 volt down to low level

Received 480 volt, 400 hp motor starters for compressors

Construct and Install All Helium and Nitrogen Transfer

Establishes connection from refrigerator to MTA Hall

Finish tie in of components to helium warm piping



400 Hp Screw

Tevatron Satellite Ht Exchanger

500 Watt Capacity at 15K