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Abney Elementary

Ch. 9: Creating Relationships

A Framework for Understanding Poverty

Why do people leave poverty?

Four Reasons People Leave Poverty

(p. 61)

1.) A goal or vision of something they want to be or have.

2.) A situation that is so painful that anything would be better.

3.) Someone "sponsors" them (i.e., an educator or
spouse or mentor or role model who shows them a
different way or convinces them that they could live

4.) A specific talent or ability that provides an opportunity for


Dr. Payne states that "to honor
students as a human being worthy of
respect and care is to establish a
relationship that will provide for
enhanced learning" (p. 111).

Honoring students

“ A successful relationship occurs when
emotional deposits are made to the
student, emotional withdrawals are
avoided, and students are respected.”


Seek first to understand.

Keeping promises

Kindnesses, courtesies

Clarifying expectations

Loyalty to the absent


Open to feedback


Appreciation for humor and
entertainment provided by the

Acceptance of what the
individual cannot say about a
person or situation

Respect for the demands and
priorities of relationships.

Using the
adult voice

Assisting with goal setting

Identify options related to
available resources

Understand the importance of
personal freedom, speech, and
individual personality.


Put downs or sarcasm about
the humor of the individual.

Insistence and demands for
full explanation about a
person or situation

Insistence on the middle class
view of the relationships.

Using the
parent voice

Telling the individual
his/ her goals

Making judgments on the
value and availability of

Assigning pejorative character
traits to the individual


“For students and adults from poverty, the
primary motivation for their success will be in
their relationships.”

Develop relationships by asking for student
opinion of work. Check for student

Why should you check for

Students can do quality
work when they have a
clear understanding and are
excited about their finished

Levels of Engagement

The Bear Necessities

Positive Paws

Quick Solutions for

checking engagement:

Is our school a welcoming place to
learn and grow?


A Framework for Understanding Poverty
: Ruby K. Payne, Phd.