FHS Science Academy (EST. 2006) Members/Projects 2009-2010

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FHS Science Academy (EST. 2006)



Cristen B. Peterson
Michael D. Best

Evaluation of Novel Auxin Herbicides through the Synthesis and
Screening of a Small Molecule Library

Ariel Buehler Dr. David Golden “Effectiveness of RT
for Detecting the Presence of
, a food
borne Pathogen”

Amie Guo

Bin Zhao

“Synthesis and Solution behavior of Thermosensitive Hydrophilic Polymers”

Daneil Xu Rose Goodchild “ClpB as a Functyional Model for TorsinAin DYT1Dystonia

Nithya Paranthanman Dr. Bin Hu “Dissociation Enhanced Photocurrent Generation in
P3HT/TiOx Double Layer Organic/Inorganic Heterojunction Solar Cells”

John A. Phillips
Chad Fifer

Knoxville Zoo

Observational Study of captive Procyon lotor

Thomas Dai an
d Rachel Smalling

Dr. Elena Shpak

EMS Screen in

Trevor Overman

Alex Vaz

Xuemin Xu

“Study of Fe
65 Protein and Presenilin
associated Protein in
Relation to Processing of Amyloid Precursor Protein and Proapoptotic Interactions”

Jason Chan

Dr. Veerle M. Keppens

Resonance Ultrasound Studies of Tb6Fe0.625Co0.375Sb2

Shreyas Dahotre

Dr. Mingjun Zhang “
Air Filtration by Chlorophytum comosum

Gabriel Garcia and Niral Sheth

Xiaopeng Zhao

Understanding Cardiac Arrhythmias through Cellular

Brett Guidish James Nutaro

Using The Swing Equation with Website Development

Julia Hsu

Zhenwei Zhu, Dr. Qiang He

Reducing CO2 Emission and Finding Renewable Energy:
Biogas Enhancement of Cow Manure Digesti
on via Adding Grease Trap Waste”

rshall Ishmael

An Wang
Porosity Characterization of Advanced Concrete Materials

Muntaser Islam Jean
Christophe Bilheux ORNL “HTML Programming In Aesthetic and Ease of Use

Christina Kihm

Dr. Steven W. Wilhelm

Utilization of Roundup

as a Nutrient Source by Toxic Bloom
Forming Cyanobacteria

Preston Hewgley Zachary Mason Paul Taylor


“Using Resorcinol
Formaldehyde Ion Exchange Resin to
Remove Cesium from the Savannah River Site High
Level Waste Liquids”

Evan Noon

Husheng Li
Double Defense: Preventing Both the “Hit and Run” Attack and the “Vacuum” Attack
in Collaborative Spectrum Sensing of Cognitive Radio Systems”

Nesha Patel

Dr. Brad Binder

Evaluation of ETR1 Ethylene Receptor Domains in Receptor Function

Zach Saunders an
d Zach Mason

Qiuhong Zhao, Ph. D., PE

K’NEX Structures: The Effects of
Earthquakes on Buildings

Kendrick Schuettler Alexandra Smith Sulman Haque Robert Harrison
Calculations and Python Programming for Research Subject Familiarity

Sammy Th

Michael Wilson

Dr. Donald L. Erdman III

High Rate Tensile Tests of a
Magnesium Alloy (AM60)

Kevin Ye Meredith Manning
Duminda Randeniya


Estimating Criticality Measures of Network
Links Considering Traffic and Congestion

Gautamraj Baskaran

Dr. Keppens “Magentostriction of Tb6Fe1

Greg Woo Brad Binder “ETR1Binding Domain and Ethylene
Stimulated Nutational Bending”

Brittany L. Fong Quihong Zhao “Small Scale Seismic Testing using data from the 1994 Northridge

Kevin Gayler a
nd Ellen Ford Dr. Robert Compton

Synthetic Chemistry of C60 for Hydrogen Storage

Zach Saunders Zach Mason Ziuhong Zhao “
K’NEX Structures: The Effects of Earthquakes on Buildings”

Shreyas Dahotre Hao Feng Dr Dongwei Wu “
Induced Vascular Smooth Muscle

Migration Dependence on p38 Activation

Ariel Buehler “
Inhibition of
Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris

by Yerba Mate Tea

Edward Ko Ahenwei Ahu Dr. Qiang He “
Process Study of Recovering Inhibited Anaerobic Co
digestion Manure Digesters

Sammy Thomas M
ichael Wilson Dr. Donald Erdman “
High Rate Tensile Tests with Video
Image Correlation

Thomas Dai Rachel Smalling Dr. Elena Shpak “
EMS Screening in

Kevin Ye Hunkyo Andrew Chung Douglas Aaron “
Economic Analysis of Geothermal
Energy as Co
mpared to Traditional Carbon Capture and Sequestration

Ben Whittle Mark Dadmun “
Understanding the Structure of Organic Solar Cells: Determining
the Solubility Limits of Fullerenes and Conjugated Polymers

Logan McNeil

Michael D. Best

Evaluation of Novel
Auxin Herbicides through the Synthesis and
Screening of a Small Molecule Library

Brittany Fong Kevin Hils “
A Study of Prarie Dog Behavior

Daniel Pitcher Brook Butler Dr. Barry Bruce “
Growth and Characterization of Thermophilic

Evan Noon Hu
sheng Li “
Defense Against a Moving Primary User Emulation Attacker in a
Cognitive Radio System

Chad Ryan Dr. Bin Hu “Fabrication of Organic Solar Cells”

Julia Hsu Steven Pawel “
Carburized 316LN Stainless Steel: Effects of Heat
treatments by
Mercury Sonica

Aly Premji Dr. David Jenkins “Metal Organic Frameworks”

Kevin Gayler Dr

Robert Compton “Storing Hydrogen on Porphryin Based Metal Organic Frameworks”

Elizabeth Wunschel Daniel Xu Dr Rose Goodchild “Generation of a Coored Protein Ladder Using


Chris Gilartin Dr Brad Binder “Ethylene Effects on Phototaxis in Cyanobacteria”