Essex Young Programmers Club

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Essex Young Programmers Club

A charitable trust offering a variety of exciting learning
opportunities in computer science.

Please see the below statements from attendants’ of previous sessions providing
feedback on the opportunities available from Essex

Young Programmers Club:

Robotics Club Leader

at an Essex School

I went along as
adult with two pupils. All I knew was that the pupils needed to be accompanied
by an adult. I volunteered as I thought I might pick something up along the way. I thought
the club
was going to be held in a computing lab, but to my pleasure it was held in an electronics lab. When
we started I was just another pupil learning exactly what they were learning. When I got stuck,
which was quite frequent, there was expert help on
hand to sort it out. I thoroughly enjoyed myself,
my pupils did as well.

I am now building an interface for a raspberry pi to control a glockenspiel, the test python program
has been written but my electronics is a bit rusty and it did not work. I am now
waiting for a cmos
buffer to arrive to finish it off. I will be back.

Parent of a

Year 9 student:

I want to say a great Big Thank you to the Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
Department at the University of Essex for taking the time to allow my

13 year old son to learn and
understand more of his love for Computing and Electronics.

Living in a technological age it's important for young students to stay on the pulse as to what's new
and how it works. This club provides that knowledge and learnin
g, equipping them for today and
the future in programming.

This free club is available for all teenagers. There is also the opportunity for parents to learn
alongside too. It runs every other Sunday from 12 PM

3 PM within the department of Computer
nce and Electronic Engineering.

Coming to the department gives them a feel to University learning, encouraging their plans for their
future studies. I eagerly urge you to get in contact with Chris Blomeley or Dr. John Woods and get
booked on this course.

If you are interested in enrolling or would like further information c
Chris Blomeley on 07799 494797 or