System and Actor Perspectives on Sociotechnical Systems

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On 16 June, a
t the end of TPM Research Day, t
he Henk Sol Award was presented to Maarten
oesen of Transport & Logistics.

Herebelow the report of the jury:

The jury of the Sol Award for the best published paper in the period 2009
2010 was very

by the high quality of the submissions.

The jury was formed by Jeroen van den
Hoven Chair, and Yao Hua Tan and John Groenewegen, assisted by Lieneke Wardenaar. The
external examiner this year is visiting Professor David Goldberg, who is an expert in gene
algorithms (H index of 63) and who will spend time at TPM, in the philosophy program and
will have interaction with the Centre for Complex Systems.

The jury has received 6 submissions. The criteria that were used in evaluating the papers
were origin
ality, scientific quality, and TPM relevance.

It is pleasure to present to you the numbers one, two and three.
I will start with the bronze

At the third place is the paper by Hans de Bruijn and Pauline Herder. Their paper entitled
System and Act
or Perspectives on Sociotechnical Systems
" is an excellent

paper that clearly draws on the large experience and expertise in of the two researchers and
captures some of the most crucial

elements of the TPM research. It

will no doubt

prove of
lue in the future as a body of knowledge article in the context of assesments

and will
certainly find its way to the classroom.

The silver medal is for the paper entitled "
The influence of scale preferences on the Design
of a Water Innovation: A case
in Dutch River Management

“ by Heleen Vreugdenhil, Jill
Slinger, Emile Kater en Wil Thissen.

This paper is very good at clarifying how different
disciplinary perspectives may lead to different and mismatching scale preferences.
Management and design of ri
vers suffers as a result of

for example bio
geophysical and
institutional scales.

And then

we come to the number one. Number One is a paper by Maarten Kroesen en
Christian Broer entitled "
Policy Discourse, people’s internal frames, and declared aircraf
noise annoyance: an application of Q methodology
”. The jury

including the external
member of the jury

independently and

unanimously decided that this was the winning
paper of

this year.

The paper is a typical TPM paper, it helps to shed considerabl
e light on a
real problem,

is very fresh and orginal, published in an outstanding

journal (The Journal of
the Accoustical Society of America).
The paper uses a relatively new methodology, and
argues that aircraft noise annoyance is dependent

on one’s in
ternal frame concerning
aviation, aircraft and noise. Since some public policies concerning aviation and noise have a
bearing on these frames, some policies that aim to alleviate the problem, actually help

turn noise in to annoyance.
A puzzling and at
the same time enlightening insight.