Course Code: CEN 459Course Title: Intelligent Systems and Robotics PrerequisitesCredit Hours :

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Course Code:

CEN 459

Course Title:

Intelligent Systems and Robotics


CEN 455.

Credit Hours :


Lecture Hrs: 4

Lab Hrs: 0

Tut. Hrs: 0


Course description:

Part I Intelligent

AI Definitions, Knowledge representation, Search techniques,
Connectionist neural networks, learning and adaptation, self
organization, fuzzy set theory
and fuzzy logic, intelligent agent, genetic algorithms, Internet applications.

sell and Peter Norvig ,"Artificial Intelligence
A Modern Approach", Prentice
Hall ,Inc.

Part II: Robotics:

Introductory historical development of robotics, robot arm kinematics,
inverse kinematics, dynamics and control, trajectory planning, use of softwar
e packages,
sensors, image acquisition and processing, autonomous mobile robots, control architectures,
LEGO Mind Storms and other robotic kits & devices for experimentation, applications of
mobile robots,

Internet and Web Robotics.


K.S.Fu, R.C.
Gonzalez, C.S.G.Lee , " Robotics : Control, Sensing, Vision , and
Intelligence" McGraw