Juba University Library Automation Project


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Juba University Library Automation Project
IFLA Standing Committee for Acquisition and Collection Development
Mid Term Meeting and Workshop, CAS, Beijing, February 26th 2009
Ole Gunnar Evensen, University of Bergen Library
•University of Bergen Library
•University of Juba Library
•The story of a library automation project in Africa
–Acquisitions and collection development
Juba University Library
Automation Project
•Money from the Norwegian government for capacity
building in South Sudan
•UoB’scooperation/involvement with Sudan
•Library cooperation with Makerere, Uganda
•Cooperation with Oslo University College, Faculty of
Journalism, Library and Information Science
•Sept 26th –Oct 2nd –Oct 8th
Project partners
•University ofJuba
•University ofBergen Library
•East AfricanSchoolofLibrarianshipand Information
Science (EASLIS)
•Makerere University Library
•University College ofOslo
(…) to establish a library service for research and
education with relevant scholarly literature.
(…)help develop an organization and train personnel for
running the library in the modern technological setting.
Original projectapplication
Establishing a computerized library to facilitate access to references, periodicals and
academic information sources.
The network shall serve as database for references searching
book borrowing by students, academic staff and the public.
Phases :
1.Short training visits to Norway and Kampala.
2.Training of library assistants on computer applications and modern reference
cataloguing and classification systems.
3.Application of classification
4.Computer network consisting of one server and connected computerterminals.
5.Design and installation of a library database software, and training of library assistants
on its applications.
6.Feeding of references into the electronic library.
7.Establishment of Training Centre on Library Sciences.
8.Establishment of Printing and Publication Unit.
9.Specialised college libraries (Natural Sciences and Humanities.)
Milestonesin theproject
•Kick off 2008 spring
•Staff training 2008 spring –2010 fall
•ICT equipment purchased and installed 2008 spring
•Implementation of Integrated Library System 2008 spring
•First supply of new books 2008 fall
•Retrospective cataloguing of existing collection 2009
spring –2010 fall
•Web user interface for Juba University Library 2009
•Access to free electronic resources (HINARI and
AGORA) 2009 spring
•Subscription to core scholarly journals (paper +
electronic) 2009 fall –2011 fall
University ofJuba, Juba-11.2.2008
University ofJuba, Juba-11.2.2008
University ofJuba, Juba-11.2.2008
Project plan
Web UI
Staff training
Kick off
ILS for JubaUniversity Library
•State oftheart
•Import functionsfor cataloguedata
E-contentfor JubaUniversity Library
•Free digital web content (quality assured )
•ProQuestgives free access for one year
Programmes enabling developing countries to gain access to e-content
HINARI Access to Research Initiative
Access to Global Online Resources in AgricultureAGORA
Online Access to Research in theEnvironmentOARE
Electronic Informationfor Libraries
Digitization of a unique Sudanese book collection
(The Mahmoud Salih collection)
•A book collection deposited at University of Bergen,
Institute for Middle East Studies
•Conditions for deposit: preservation and digitization
University ofJuba, Juba-Jan.29th 2009
JULAP major challenges
•Training the library staff
–Stabile internet connection
•Re-establish the university’s physical infrastructure
–Power supply
Makerere University, Kampala -Jan. 31th 2009
Thank you
University of Juba, Juba -11.2.2008