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The National Forensic Academy’s Investigator Virtual Reality is an interactive online training
tool providing crime scene investigation training to state and local forensic practitioners.

IVR’s introductory content provides the training with key
foundational knowledge prior to
navigating through numerous virtual crime scenes. The training works with a virtual instructor to
learn how to use the virtual tools, the process and skills that are essential to crime scene
management and evidence collectio

Some of the topics covered are crime scene management, photography, latent print processing
and DNA collection. Once they complete the virtual lessons, participants can use the techniques
presented to take on the role of a crime scene investigator, col
lecting evidence and documenting
a virtual crime scene.

The investigator virtual reality is a valuable resource that CSIs can use as a refresher or to train
new investigators on the job. IVR challenges the learner and provides immediate feedback with
edge technology for crime scene investigators.