Name of School: Greenwood High School

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Name of School:

Greenwood High School

Date of Project:


Community Focus:



Jerry Efurd, Principal; Dr. Kay Johnson, Superintendent

Technologies used:

Virtual Reality

Software used:

Virtual Reality Development Lab

Goal: What is the outcome (write this in your own words)

Our goal is to put together 8 3D reality tours for the buildings in our school. Then it will be
placed on the Greenwood High School website for all to see our virtual reality tour. That is not a

but it explains what we are doing in our virtual reality tour.

Purpose of the Project

Our purpose is to have a great tour for other high schools to see as examples of virtual tours.
We hope when they see our project they will be more attracted to our sc
hool and to have more
kids and facility to come to our school.

Future Plans:

We would like to expand to the other campuses in our district and possibly to
other businesses as well.

Additional information
: This will help the populations of our school dist
rict to have more
students hopefully. Also it was for the fun of the project to.

What did you like about this project?

What I like about the project was that the kids of
Greenwood high school really cared enough to get more kids in the school they did a v
reality tour.