Genetic Engineering - How is it used and what do you think?


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Genetic Engineering

How is it used and what do you think?

You will be using the website

to introduce
yourself to some of the uses, issues and vie
wpoints of genetic engineering.

Write all your
responses on a separate sheet of paper.

Part 1 Uses


Go to the website and click on uses. Become an expert on two of the uses by
clicking on them and reading the information. Choose the uses that interest
you the most.

Summarize the information you learned with a paragraph on each use you choose.

Part 2


Click on issues. Read two of these issues and summarize them.

Part 3 Viewpoints


Watch 3 of the videos. Record who you watched and briefly summ
their thoughts on genetic engineering.

Part 4 Your viewpoint

After reading and watching all this information have you decided what
you think? Take a second to really formulate
what your opinions are about genetic engineering.

Write a short essay

about your viewpoint. Remember a good essay contains a thesis statement
and supporting paragraphs. You may site things you have read and seen on the website to
support your opinion.