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Some years ago I red
about “
golden million”. There was so horrible

I want tell about this “golden million”. The story
begin with

about natural

resources and that the resources will be end
very soon. And the number of people of t
he Earth growing and
growing. And for “normal” life with normal needs on the Earth must
stay one million people. I do not know how this “one million” tell to
other that they are excess on our Earth. But in some questions I agree
with it. I mean
hat we

consume a lot of natural resources and

quantity is growing .
I want

to say that we needs a lot of food , water ,
oil and different things . And every year we needs more and more.

I do not know we
scientists do

not think about it in 1990. May

be they
thought how create so strength weapon and how occupy foreign
lands? I do not know.

remember so

interesting words from famous author “that the history
of one person it is a history of all the humans”

I also do work

at the
last moment .

What can I say about genetic engineering? Nothing. What we will get
at the end?

Nothing. Why?
Because we

will choose between quantitative and
quality. With our ecological problems quality of food so
low. But when
we will began use genetic engineer

? We will get so dangerous
things. Genetic engineering it is a new road with a new surprise on it. I
do not know what will get at the end. May be it is a chance or it is
will be a new problem. It is mean that this food can bring a lot of new
lls . I want to believe in our great future . Where

we all will be gave
a lot of food and will be have a strength health