The Internet of Things:

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The Internet of Things:

Clear economic benefits of spectrum access

Professor William Webb

CTO Neul, CEO Weightless


Whatever it is, it is big

50 billion devices is
becoming a self
fulfilling prophecy

10 devices per person
each at ~10% of cellular
ARPU means this is an
industry of the same
magnitude as cellular


And it is critical for society


Lack of certainty is no excuse for regulatory inaction

Preference for assessment of future
economic benefit of various uses requires

M2M application demonstrated, standards
body in place

this is not slideware

Current consultations are far too cautious in
failing to ascribe possible value

If every spectrum application had to
demonstrate the value it added before it
was allowed spectrum to demonstrate the
value it added there would not be much


M2M ticks all the boxes

The perfect application for unlicensed / uncertain spectrum

and white space is the perfect spectrum for M2M

Will deliver enormous economic and social value

Demonstrated to work well without causing any interference

Enables innovation

Pioneers a new method of spectrum management



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